5 Essentials You Need To Stay On Top Of Your Fitness Game

5 Essentials You Need To Stay On Top Of Your Fitness Game

Whether you’re a gym junkie, track walker or just a regular couch potato trying to get in better shape, there are a host of fitness products that can switch up your fitness game and inspire you to work harder and smarter.

So here is a list of 5 fitness essentials which are actually worth investing in:-

1. A fitness band to help you track your progress and results.

Mi Band 2 – Fitness Band | Rs 2,799

2. A yoga mat so you can start your day with some energizing early morning yoga

Sports City Gym Solution Yoga Mat | Rs 649

3. A shatter resistant water bottle that can accompany you everywhere 

Nike Black Equipment Fitness Gear Big Mouth Water Bottle | Rs 1,100

4. A chic looking duffel bag which inspires you to hit the gym 

Emilio Pucci Multicolor Leather Duffel Bag For Women | Rs 34,800

4. A pair of dumbells so you can workout anywhere and everywhere 

Smart Collections Pair of Rubber Coated Dumbbells | Rs 6,999

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