5 Fashion Rules To Break!

5 Fashion Rules To Break!

RULE #1 – You shouldn’t mix gold and silver together

This look can be ultra chic if paired aesthetically. Contrasting metals complement each other and stop you from looking painfully matchy. According to us, whether it’s your jewellery or other accessories, metallic shades only balance out each other’s gilded pleasures.

RULE #2 – You should not mix navy blue and black

While once a fashion no-no, the navy/black combo has been a chic fashion must for a while now. Sadly, this fashion rule still has its fair share of subscribers.

RULE #3 – Your bag, shoes and belt should match

In today’s world of printed and embellished accessories, this rule is rather bizarre. Mixing things up instantly lifts your outfit’s ante and gives you a boisterous and fun look.

RULE #4 – Horizontal stripes add ten pounds

This notion is a bit of a cliché now. A striped outfit that is made well and fits well, flatters every woman. If you still feel conscious about this, keep the stripes on the skinny side.

RULE #5 – Clutches are only for night

Big bright bags look great during the day, but clutches are those after-hours style staples that have pushed their way through into style essentials before sundown and they look fabulous.

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