5 forms of traditional art that you might have missed out on

5 forms of traditional art that you might have missed out on

In case you haven’t had the exposure to the different forms of traditional artwork that our land hosts, you may want to take a look at the following list.

Khewra’s Salt Lamps

Image source: Khewra salt lamps

Have you ever wondered how they managed to shove a bulb right up a piece of salt or whether chunks of these lamps can be sacrificed as salt for my anda ghotala? Well sadly we don’t have the answers which you seek, but there’s no need to get salty since you can still get these beauties for their nice warm light and appealing designs.

Marble ware

Source: Kitchen warehouse

Well most of us don’t really handle high temperature and pressure well but rocks on the other hand only get better and beautiful. After making their way from being buried for millions of years they get in the hands of stonemasons who after having their mysterious way with them yield the most beautifully polished and crafted pieces of art.

The Iconic Sindhi Ralli

Source: Flickriver

Apart from having the job of being Sindh’s cultural symbol, the Ralli also acts as a bed cover, an eating cloth and a piece of fabric which exists just to please your eyes through its vibrant colors.

Blue Pottery / Blue Kashi

Source: Amazon

The soothing blue infused within the elegantly handcrafted designs just makes you want to surround yourself with hundreds of these objects and absorb the calmness and serenity which their presence has to offer.

Camel Skin Lamps

Source: Bumble Bee

These weird football and mushroom-shaped lamps drenched in traditional art will not only add an exotic element to your room but they also just might make your guests question your taste in home décor.

The aforementioned list not only provides a track of the lesser known traditional artwork of Pakistan but it also reveals a small glimpse of the diverse set of artwork which has been shaped by the artisans throughout our country.

Usman Ghani

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