5 Hacks to Make Western Clothing More Modest

5 Hacks to Make Western Clothing More Modest

When was the last time an absolutely gorgeous western top caught your eye, but you didn’t get it because you weren’t sure how to style it?

Well, that’s okay! We’ve all been there, dear friend!

It’s true that western attire is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, with a few tips on how to transform that outfit into a more modest one, you can totally rock western clothing too!

Here are some tips to get you started:

Cover it Up with a Cardigan!

There maybe times when you can’t help falling in love with a sleeveless top, can you? We mean who can possibly ignore the intricate lace design on that delicate top that looks so absolutely gorgeous on that mannequin?

Well, you don’t have to ignore! Not anymore!

All you need is a kickass cardigan to go with the top, and voila! You won’t feel so awkward about wearing that sleeveless top anymore!

A cardigan is the perfect overcoat for dresses that seem more modern for you to wear. Put on a cardigan over a short, sleeveless or fitted top and tada! You’re all set to rock western fashion in a modest style!

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Loose Pants are Your Best Friend!

Don’t you just love watching all those women dressed up in those amazing pants and ticked in button-down shirts? Ah, the look!

Well, if it makes you uncomfortable to show your back, then there are ways to deal with that. Slack, or dress pants if you will, can be an excellent alternative to fitted pants. They’re loose, they’re comfortable and they don’t show your back side prominently!

The other two options for you are culotte pants and palazzos! They’re absolutely perfect if you really want to tuck in your top and also don’t want your backside to show. With a straight and lost cut, these can be such a lifesaver for all you gals who want to style western clothing with modesty.

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Long-Length Tops Can be a Total Hit!

We know you really love the look that comes with short tops and skinny jeans, but hey! Who said you can’t pull off that look too? With just a little adjustment, you can totally recreate a pretty similar look.

Replace short shirts with longer-length tops instead, and you’re on your way to creating a similar style. It doesn’t have to be knee-length; anything slightly longer than waist-length would be perfect!

Pair your long shirt with a pair of skinny jeans and you’re good to go in your chic, trendy and modest outfit!

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Inners and Leggings for the More Modern Wear

We bet you’ve had a thing for some short dresses and skirts, or those sleeveless or see-through shirts that you just know would be fabulous to wear. Unfortunately, you’ve never had the chance to see how you’d look in them.

Let’s change that, shall we? When a knee-length dress has your heart, invest in a pair or two of high-quality leggings! This way, your legs would be covered and you can enjoy your dress too. Jeggings can also serve as a good alternative to leggings.

And for those sleeveless tops that you’re thrilled to hide with a shrug, just wear a fitted inner-shirt to go with the top. The inner would cover your arms and you’ll get to show off your fancy top as well!

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Finish Your Look with a Scarf or Stole!

Remember those times when you’re all dressed up for the get-together party but just as you’re about to go, your slightly fitted tee makes you self-conscious? Ugh! Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Well, here’s a hack to get you out of your self-conscious mood – grab a matching (or contrasting) scarf and just wrap it around your neck! And if that’s making the look more casual, then wrapping yourself in a nice pashmina or a stole would do too!

A scarf in your neck will add towards a casual attire, but a stole adds a hint of sophistication and semi-formal look. So take your pick depending on what kind of look you’re going for!

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