5 Reasons Why You Need to Add a Face Serum to Your Skincare Routine!

5 Reasons Why You Need to Add a Face Serum to Your Skincare Routine!

You probably have a really good skincare routine with cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing that you’re pretty much regular with. But, adding a face serum to the routine might work wonders for your skin! Face Serums are typically just liquid, oil-based moisturizers that contain ingredients like Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid which help in making your skin better on quite a few levels. Just a few drops for a few days and your skin will be transformed!
Here are a few reasons why you should include a face serum to your skincare regimen and how serum works for your skin.

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1. Brightens Your Skin

As you start ageing, your skin gradually starts losing all the shine and radiance. You might be able to fix this temporarily with makeup but actually the skin looks bad. With a face serum, your skin will not only look clean and clear but will also look naturally radiant. A face serum helps illuminate your skin and makes it look more young.

2. Increases Collagen Production

The ageing process makes your skin gain fine lines and wrinkles which would make your skin look old and unhealthy. A face serum helps you bring your skin back with the collagen boosting ingredients. Some of the collagen producing ingredients include Vitamin C, Copper, Vitamin B3 and retinol.

3. Adds Hydration

Hydration is very important for the skin just to make it look healthy and radiant. A serum helps you maintain the skin’s hydration but does not make it look greasy. Your skin feels softer and moisturized too. You’ll have the best results when you use a moisturizer after using your serum. This will help lock the serum and make it perform even better.

4. Helps Heal Your Skin

Serums have a formula that would help heal your skin, reduce inflammation and would also help you calm your skin. Any scars, blemishes, burns, cuts can be easily cleared if you regularly use a face serum. The contents of a face serum help in speeding up the healing process but might not help you heal deep scars.

5. Skin Evens Out

With constant usage of different products and direct exposure to the sun and UV rays, discoloration and hyperpigmentation is very normal. In such cases, sunscreen does help but it cannot fade the damage. So, a face serum helps your skin in ways no other product can.


How to Apply Facial Serum

Skincare Routine is supposed to be followed twice a day; one in the morning when you wake up and one at night before you go to sleep.
Here are all the steps that should be a part of your skin care routine:

  • Remove Makeup
  • Exfoliate Your Face
  • Wash Your Face
  • Apply Toner
  • Apply Eye Cream
  • Pat Face Serum onto Your Skin
  • Apply Moisturizer or Sunscreen

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