5 Things Only Lazy People Will Understand

5 Things Only Lazy People Will Understand

Everyone is lazy, even if they say they aren’t. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being that way. Lazy people are actually quite smart and always look for quicker and more efficient ways to get things done. In short, laziness may actually be good for your future.

Here are things only lazy people will understand.

1. When it’s your turn to do the dishes.

We hate doing the dishes and we are not afraid to say it.

2. Reaching the remote without moving is a stunt not many can pull off.

It’s called stretching.

3. Thanks to innovation. Now you can be a productive couch potato.

At least there’s someone out there who understands us. 

4. Smarter shopping because who’s got the time to run to stores and ATMs when you can pay online and have stuff delivered to your doorstep.

We don’t run to the store, the store runs to us.

5. Making younger siblings do all the work while you sit and watch.

Because someone has to do it.

In the end, all that matters is what you get done not how you get it done. So continue being lazy and do your thaangg. Life is short. Save time and shop on your phone because that’s what smart people do. 😉


Usman Ghani

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