5 Traditional Menswear Items Your Wardrobe Needs

5 Traditional Menswear Items Your Wardrobe Needs

With Independence Day around the corner, why not go full desi on the inside and on the outside? So here are some things that are sure to help you channel your inner desi munda.

The Peshawari Chappal

The majestic Peshawari chappal puts every other chappal to shame. You simply cannot put on a nice and clean shalwar kurta without leaving these bad boys out.


source: chapellerie-traclet

Not to be confused with the popular green ice cream soda, the Pakol is a form of headweaar which instantly adds a radiating source of positivity right on the top of your head. Now you know why the people up north are always cheery?


According to science, the number of uses the Ajrak has is fast approaching infinity, with a few of them being: being worn as traditional wear, as a dust mask, being used as a pocket square and even as window shades for your souped-up Mehran.


All that glitters is definitely gold when you have a sherwani on and find a pair of khussay lying around in your shoe rack. Even if they don’t match on cue, they’ll still make you look ethnically fashionable.


A waistcoat is to shalwar kameez as ‘biskut‘ is to chai, you don’t really need it but it makes things a hell of a lot better.

If reading this article makes you question your current collection, it’s definitely time for you to make some wardrobe upgrades from the upcoming independence day deals.

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