5 Trendy Products You Can Find on Daraz That You’ve Seen All Over TikTok

Among the many things TikTok has done for us as a society, one thing it is most known for is introducing us to some of the best finds and online product buys ever.

With so much of our time increasingly being spent on the app, we have seen how some products instantly go viral. Whether it’s lifestyle, skincare, organizing hacks, or otherwise; TikTok has it all. TikTok influencers have a knack for introducing to their audience some of the most useful (or entertaining) products out there. And that gets us searching online to see if we can find such jazz on our local online stores as well.

As always, Daraz has everything you’ll ever need. So now, to excite the everyday Gen-Z, we have brought together a list of some of the most trendy products that you might have seen all over the app.

5 Trendy Products From TikTok

Live out your VSCO Girl aesthetic with this insulated tumbler

Tumblers have always been in trend, even more so since the boom of TikTok. Numerous times while scrolling your FYP, you’ll find people either showing you their new favorite coffee concotion in one of these bad boys or showing you how they take their necessary daily dose of coffee to college with them among other essentials. There has now been an even more emphasis on using metal straws as well. So benefit from this minimalistic aesthetic tumbler with a pretty dang useful metal straw and a convenient straw cleaner as a plus.

Jazz up your room with these colorful LED light strips

Often times you would come across people giving their rooms a makeover or you’ll see TikToks of people on your FYP with these really sick lights in their room. Well, you can give your room the same kind of makeover by using these LED light strips that come in different colors. Turn any room into a place to rave at in an instant. Incorporate different colors and get creative!

A rotating makeup organizer that will keep all your glam in one place!

We love ourselves some organization tips and tricks and some necessary and satisfying cleaning content. Benefit from this rotating makeup organizer that’s bound to be the perfect fit for your vanity. Clear up space and sport your makeup collection from all the best brands in a convenient and aeshetic manner.

Tidy up your creative space with this cord holder

One thing we all hate is when clutter gets in the middle of our groove and disrupts our creative work flow. These cord holders have been part of some of the best TikTok finds so you should get one too! Sort out all your wires and make sure all your chargers and other accessories are just a hand reach away and not coming in between your work.

Bring the sky and the stars to your room with this projector

One of the most promoted products on TikTok are those ceiling projectors that bring the stars to your room. So, we found a ceiling projector that does the same! Unwind after a long day, lie down on your bed and stargaze in the vicinity and comfort of your own room. Put on some chill music and trace out constellations to your heart’s content.

TikTok has made us buy many useful products and has introduced us to a whole new world of reviews and lifestyle items we didn’t know we needed this badly. And with Daraz, you can find the trendiest products and products from every category imaginable.

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