6 Best Smart TVs in Pakistan Under Rs. 60,000

Are you wishing for an upgrade from your regular old TV set? But don’t have much of a budget to dish out? Well, then look no further because we have you covered with all the details you’ll ever need to know about the best Smart TVs in Pakistan under 60000.

If you want to change the way in which you view and experience your favorite entertainment content but want to make sure your next buy is pocket-friendly, then you’ve ended up at just the right place. Here, we’re gonna tell you all about the options in which you can invest. Whether it’s for your binge-watches or for quality family movie nights, these best display TVs in Pakistan won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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List of Best Smart TVs in Pakistan Under 60000

  1. Haier – 40″ Smart Android LED TV
  2. TCL – 40″ Smart Android FHD LED TV
  3. Hisense – 32″ Smart HD Ready LED TV
  4. EcoStar – 42″ Full HD Smart LED (CX-42U863)
  5. AKIRA – 43″ 43MS140 Android 9.0 Full HD LED TV
  6. Changhong Ruba –  40″ L40X6i Smart Android 11.0 LED TV

Best LED TV Brand in Pakistan 2021

1. 40″ Smart Android LED TV by Haier

Best Smart TVs in Pakistan Under 60000

Get the best viewing experience with the Haier Android Smart LED TV that’s bound to give you more in every aspect. Enjoy all your favorite shows and channels like you never have before. Powered by Android, you can explore the worldwide web side by side, download various apps and view content from almost anywhere at all. It’s an LED TV for Home Entertainment at best price in Pakistan.

2. 40″ Smart Android FHD LED TV by TCL

Best Smart TVs in Pakistan Under 60000

Known for being economically friendly while never compromising on quality, TCL gives you a bigger screen alongside value for your money. While also being powered by Android, enjoy a vibrant and stellar picture quality that you’ll not find anywhere else. This best features LED TV gives you unlimited access to games, movies, shows, music, and all the apps you’ll ever need just with a click of a button.

3. 32″ Smart HD Ready LED TV by Hisense

Best Smart TVs in Pakistan Under 60000

With a crystal clear panel and a wide view angle, experience entertainment the way you never have before with this smart LED TV by Hisense. Wi-fi connectivity brings you closer to the world and all the content you would ever want to access and with the best price in the market, this best Smart TV in Pakistan will always be a safe and affordable option for you to avail while having all the features you ever desire.

4. 42″ Full HD Smart LED TV by EcoStar

Smart LED TV at Best Price in Pakistan

EcoStar is known to give you a bang for your buck. Known in the market for quality and affordability, add value to your family movie nights or when you’re staying in with your friends for a laid-back Netflix and chill sesh. With the digital noise reduction feature and a real color engine that will you give you the best picture quality, EcoStar promises to give you the best viewership experience.

5. 43″ Android 9.0 Full HD LED TV by AKIRA

LED TV Prices in Pakistan

This AKIRA Smart LED TV in Pakistan comes with the feature of voice control that allows you to switch between channels and explore options, settings, and other features with your voice commands. Feel more in control and experience the best technology has to offer. The widescreen enhances your viewing experience even further.

6. 40″ Smart Android 11.0 LED TV by Changhong Ruba

Smart LED TV Price in Pakistan

Sporting an A+ grade panel and ultra-narrow bezel which gives a sleek and modern look to your television set, Changhong Ruba will always give you the best of everything. With all the features you could ever want and more, unlock the best possible viewing experience. What’s more? The built-in Chromecast feature allows you to share your screen from any Android or iOS device allowing you to go above and beyond with just one television.

People Also Ask

Which is the best Smart TV under 60000?

One of the best smart TVs in Pakistan under 60000 is the 40″ Smart Android LED TV by Haier.

Which Smart LED TV is best in Pakistan?

The best Smart LED TV in Pakistan is the 42″ Full HD Smart LED TV by EcoStar.

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