6 Gym Accessories Every Man Should Own

Working out can be a complete drab but if you’ve got the right gear, it can make the trek down to the gym much more enjoyable. Here are 6 gym accessories that are a must have for every man.

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1) A Great Pair of Shoes

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A comfortable and durable pair of shoes is essential to a comfortable workout. If you’re lacking some good sneakers, this is a great time to get your hand on some designs from around the world.

2) A Durable Pair of Headphones 

From over the ear to in-the-ear, to wireless – you name it and we’ve got it. Whatever style of headphone you choose, it’s going to be the single most important purchase you make for your fitness journey. Music is fuel, after all.

3) Armbands to Keep Your Phone in Place

Why go through the nuisance of holding your phone or keeping it in your pocket where it bounces and slips when you can keep it sturdy and safe with one of these trendy armbands? Find a variety of colors and designs on Daraz!

4) Gym Gloves to Give You the Perfect Grip 

Sweaty palms are a great workouts worst enemy. Don’t risk dropping those weights with these gym gloves that not only give you a great grip, they also make a great fashion statement.

5) A Bag to Carry it All In

Keep your gym essentials packed and ready to go with a great gym bag. You’ll find a variety of sizes and styles available on Daraz and the best part is, no matter which one you choose it’ll always look super on trend.

6) Smart Watches to Keep You On Track

Daraz’s Global Collection has a bunch of affordable smart watches that too at very affordable watch price in pakistan that can help you track your calories, movements, and health stats throughout the day

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