6 WhatsApp Features You Should Know If You Use WhatsApp Regularly

6 WhatsApp Features You Should Know If You Use WhatsApp Regularly

Let’s face it – WhatsApp is perhaps the most used instant messaging app with more than one billion users across the globe. And to make it all-the-more user-friendly, the app is constantly going through updates and changes.

Remember those times when you could only use it on phone? Then came the WhatsApp Web to the rescue! With this new WhatsApp feature for PC, your usage extended to computers too. You no longer have to feel disappointed after searching on Google : “How to use WhatsApp on computer/laptop/PC?” By the way, if you still don’t know how, just search for download WhatsApp for PC on your browser and the WhatsApp Web download link will show up in your search results. We’re sure you can take it up from there on your own!


If you’re also someone who casually says “just WhatsApp it to me”, then you’d definitely want to read up on some excellent features that every regular WhatsApp user should know!

So here goes the list!

Feature #01

Reply Privately to Someone In a Group

WhatsApp now lets you respond to a group member in private. So if you want to send a private reply to someone, about something they said in a group, you can!

This way, you no longer have to go through the trouble of finding your private chat window with that person just to send one reply.

How to Turn On the Feature?

Android: Press and hold the message in the group, select the 3 drop on the screen’s top right corner, and select reply privately.

IOS: Press and hold the message in the group chat, selected more and then reply privately.

Feature #02

Pin Important Chats

Let’s face it – not all the chat windows are equally important. Some people are more important than others and you’d much rather get ot their chat windows faster.

Well, good for you, WhatsApp now lets you pin important chat windows! This means that you can pin your favorite chats on top, even if there are no new messages or notifications. Currently, you can pin 3 chats on WhatsApp.

How to Turn On the Feature?

Android: Long-press the chat you want to pin and select the pin button on the top-right corner of the screen.

IOS: Swipe right on the chat and select the pin option.

Feature #03

Find the People You Talk to the Most

Our friendships these days are majorly about data sharing, which includes pictures, documents, and so on. With WhatsApp, you can now see that information to make a ranked list of all the people you interact with the most – sort of like list of your friends.

How to Turn on the Feature?

Go to settings, then data and storage usage. You’ll then get a list of all the important groups and contacts in order of people you’ve shared most-data with.

Feature #04

Removing Media Files From a Certain Chat

Nobody can deny that phone storage is always a constant problem for most of us. And if there’s ever any way to save some phone memory, you and I are more than willing to try it out.

Now to avoid the WhatsApp media files from a particular chat taking too much space in your phone, you can conveniently delete content from a specific conversation.

How to Turn on the Feature?

Go to Settings, then data and storage, and select storage usage. You will then see all the chats in order of how much they’re hogging up your phone’s storage. Select a particular chat, click on the “manage messages” option at the bottom and start clearing up the data you want to remove!

Feature #05

Fingerprint Authentication

If privacy important to you? Do you think twice before putting up a WhatsApp DP (profile pics) or status? Do you want other people to keep their noses in their business and stay away from accessing your WhatsApp Messenger? Well, WhatsApp’s fingerprint verification feature is here to keep your privacy private.

How to Turn on the Feature?

Go to settings, then go to Account, Privacy and Fingerprint Lock.

Feature #06

Call Waiting

WhatsApp also has the new feature of call waiting. So when there’s a call incoming, you can use this feature if you’re already in the middle of another call. Such an option wasn’t part of WhatsApp before.

How to Turn on the Feature?

To use this feature, you’ve to download it from Google Play Store and app Store.

With all these new and user-friendly features on WhatsApp, your experience on the app is going to be a whole lot better! So put all this new info to some good use and start with your improved experience of the app now!

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