69th Birth Anniversary of Moin Akhtar Celebrated Today

69th Birth Anniversary of Moin Akhtar Celebrated Today

It’s been eight years since the demise of Moin Akhtar, a remarkable icon who revamped the Pakistani comedy and entertainment industry, but his legacy is not forgotten.

Today marks his 69th birth anniversary and many people all across the country paid great homage and tributes to him. Various events were organized by his fans and comedy lovers to remember his great service to the country to look back and appreciate his work.

The famous actor Zeeba Shehnaz who co-starred with Moin Akthar on the famous  Pakistani comedy serial, Fifty Fifty, said, It’s been many years since Moin Akhtar passed away but his legacy is proof that he may be gone but never forgotten.”

Moin Akhtar’s work won the hearts of many and his humour is still unmatched to date. From theatre to working for the silver screen, his produced content that combined wit with hilarious remarks that not only filled the room with laughter but also targeted the underlying issues of the society. His famous show with Anwar Maqsood, “Loose Talk” is the prime example of his works.

Moin Akhtar is still to date remembered as one of the finest and most legendary actors the Pakistani entertainment industries has ever seen and has been awarded prestigious awards such as the “Pride of Performance” and the “Sitara-e-Imitiaz”

Bilal Uddin

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