7 Top TikTokers in Pakistan That Rose To Fame Through The App!

7 Top TikTokers in Pakistan That Rose To Fame Through The App!

Tik Tok in Pakistan has countless times been a go-to place for entertainment. With some of the best Tiktokers in Pakistan listing great videos for the masses. You can find some of the most diverse and quality content by people who simply followed their passion!

Tik Tok gained popularity around the globe earlier in 2020 and with the lockdown taking place, it gave people a channel to show cast their talents making top Tiktok stars in Pakistan emerge. It has easily become one of the most before broke all records as it became one of the most installed apps in Pakistan. It introduced a lot of talented content creators across the country. Even though the Tik Tok ban in Pakistan has affected these Tik Tok stars, they have let their creativity and passion for creating content not fizzle out for their fans. You can still catch them on Instagram and their Twitter account handles as well!

With an immense level of creativity which makes their videos viral, these content creators became top Pakistani Tiktok stars and earned their popular and HUGE fan following through posting their content online on this the App.

So if you’re wondering who got the most video views and who is the most famous TikToker in Pakistan? We’re here with all the stats that you can follow Here are the best Tik Tok stars in Pakistan that started their journey on the app and ended up getting millions of follows and fans!

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Top Tiktok Stars in Pakistan 2021

Before Tik Tok got banned in Pakistan, these Tiktokers of Pakistan almost acquired a celebrity-level fan following with hundreds of thousands of followers on their social handles and around a million likes on their Tik Tok videos! They emerged as talented makeup artists with a quirky sense of humor or super talented comedians that made hilarious skits that had many of us in laughter fits!

Here are

Kanwal Aftab

Kanwal Aftab is easily one of the most popular Tik Tok stars in Pakistan with her Tik Tok channel having a whopping 12 million followers and 373.2 million hearts on her videos. She started her career in 2019 broadcast journalist on a YouTube channel. Apart from being a great content creator, she also models and is a great fashionista. She married her Zulqarnain Sikandar who is also one of the biggest Tik Tokers of Pakistan.

Areeka Haq

Areeka Haq gained her fame on Tik Tok with her charm and quirky personality! She flaunts over 6.4 million followers and 171 million-plus likes on her videos. Her talent does not only fall with creative video content but she is also starting a career in music. She recently starred in Asim Azhar’s song Tum Tum which has become one of the most popular songs in 2020. Among famous Tik Tokers of Pakistan, Areeka is often referred to as the “baby of Tik Tok” because of her being only 17 when she gained popularity on the App with her endearing and charming videos!

Zulqarnian Sikander

He was the among the most watched Pakistani Tiktokers of 2020, Zulqarnain has won many hearts with his over the top comedy TikTok videos. He has excellent acting skills and matched with his knack for creativity; There’s no wonder why his followers’ count is increasing daily. Currently, the TikTok star has 5 million followers and 249.1 million likes.

Romaisa Khan

Romaisa Khan is the famous Tik Tok Star and model from Pakistan. She has starred and collaborated in various videos while her main passion lies with entertaining the masses with comedy skits for which she has earned the prestigious “Ace Badge” on Tiktok in the comedy section. Currently, she can be found paving her way into lifestyle vlogging and a modeling career. She is known for her charming smile, chic style, and adorable personality. Her acting skills are top notch with her incredibly entertaining skits and lip-syncing videos making her gain a huge fan following.

Jannat Mirza

With 5.6 million followers and 78.3 million likes, Jannat Mirza stands among the top TikTok users in Pakistan. Originally from Faisalabad, the Arts student moved to Japan for her education. She started her Tik Tok channel and entertained a lot of her followers from the very young age of 20. You can find her content to be filled with fashion tips, beauty hacks, and make up styles along with humorous videos. She has been referred to as the queen of Tik Tok in Pakistan

Pinky Francis

Another popular TikToker that has enthralled Pakistanis on the short-video app is Pinky Francis. Her videos are so popular. Pinky has also collaborated with her friends and other TikTok users, to really take advantage of the platform and create some undeniably entertaining content. With 2.8 million followers and 40.7 million likes, the star’s fan-following is increasing day by day.

Alishba Anjum

Alisha Anjum had more than 6 million followers on her Tik Tok. Jannat Mirza\’s sister, Alishba Anjum, is following in her sister\’s footsteps. She is devouring the TikTok media industry piece by piece, and the audience is obsessed with her.

Usman Asim

Also known as Famous Molvi, Usman Asim has gained popularity for his unique portrayal of everything you don\’t expect a molvi to be. The funny and fantastic TikToker\’s videos are undoubtedly fun to watch.

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