7 Everyday Household Items You Can Use for a Full Body Work Out!

7 Everyday Household Items You Can Use for a Full Body Work Out!

How many of you are guilty of putting away working out to achieve your goal body just because you couldn’t go to the gym?

I know we’re all guilty of ditching the gym because either we were too busy to make time to go to a gym or couldn’t afford the hefty membership fees most gyms offer. After which we then resort to buying the gym machinery and equipment instead only to realize that it costs way more than you imagined!

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No Gym? No Problem! Instead of going to the gym, you can make your own DIY gym simply with basic household items everyone has!

Simply by using just a simple water bottle, your dining chairs, or using a mop would help you shred some serious pounds then you’d find the motivation for it automatically!

Here are ways you can make the most of your work out at home by using these basic everyday items:

Gallon Water Bottles as Kettle Bells!

Kettlebells build your strength and core by adding weight to your workouts. You can use a water-filled gallon bottle/jug as an alternate for kettlebells.

Workouts you can do are:

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Bent Row
  • Side Plank Row

Basic Rope as Battle Rope

Battle ropes are another way to target the core. Battle rope exercises not only burn fat but also tone your arms, shoulders. We all must have a ropes stashed up in our toolbox or gardening supplies, make use of it now!

PVC Pipe Pull Up Bar!

Pull up exercises are one of the most common forms of exercise that help you improve your grip and overall body strength. If you want to your own DIY Pull Up Par, dig up any extra PVC or heavy-duty pipe lying around your home and work your skills to craft it. All you need is a fixing rope and some screws!

Get Your Muscles Pumped with Sandbags!

The best way to get your muscles pumping is by lifting weights! Don’t have any at your home? You can use Sandbags and work your way to utilize them in various ways and make your workout more challenging!

Your Sofa as the Perfect Lifting Tool!

Give the phrase, “couch potato” a whole new definition. Your sofa isn’t only for being lazy on. You can utilize it for stretches and various leg exercise. You can lift your sofa with your legs and practice leg press make sure you have somebody accompany you at first. After that, you can do some warm-ups such as leg lunges and half-way push ups.

Squat with Heavy Books!

Love books but also love staying fit? You can do both. Find your heaviest book from the shelf and use them in your work out routines. Use it as alternates to dumbbells or small weights in your HIIT workouts.

CrossFit Warm Up with Mop/Broomsticks!

You know your mom would be proud of this one! You can use a mop or stick as an alternate to CrossFit warm-up and use it as a makeshift swirl to make the fat burn!

So, get moving and start getting fit at home!

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