9 Weirdest Things That People Actually Buy From Daraz!

9 Weirdest Things That People Actually Buy From Daraz!

Ever come across products that are weird and funny and might as well make you feel disgusted but you still feel like you want them? Here are a few such products you’ll find this Daraz 11.11 sale.

Poop Mug

This quirky mug will make you want to throw away all the other boring mugs. Yes, it’s that cute. Plus, you can even get it for your best friend and give them reminders that they are a piece of …

Fish Slippers

Do these pair of slippers look too fishy? These Cods are just the right way to spice up your shoe rack. You will not only enjoy wearing these weird slippers but they’ll also make you feel super comfortable!

Sushi Pillow

This super soft and squishy sushi pillow is the perfect gift for a sushi lover! You can just sleep on it and dream about sushi all day, all night.

Cat Studs

These studs are cute but weird and creepy at the same time. We think you can totally wear this to a Halloween party!

Skull Toilet Keychain

Add some quirk to your keys with this funny skeleton sitting on a toilet seat. It can also be a funny gift for someone who spends most of their time in the toilet.

Pimple Popper

Ever thought popping pimples or removing blackheads is super satisfying? Get this game where you can pop all the pimples and see the zits squeezing out of Trump’s face.

3D Jelly Printed Socks

How funny would it be to wear a pair of socks that has jellies printed on them and they look so real, you will feel like eating up your socks! Oops, sorry you cannot eat that stinky pair.

Bloody Spoon Rack

Are you a fan of crime movies? Make your cooking scene look like a crime scene with this blood splash spoon!

Banana Squishy

Take all your frustration out on this Banana Squishy. Trust us, this is just a stress relieving toy!

Did you come across any other weird products on Daraz? Mention them down in the comments section! Stay updated with Daraz 11.11 news and offers by following our blog!

Bilal Uddin

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