Absolutely Useless Things You’ll Find Useful

Absolutely Useless Things You’ll Find Useful

1) This adjustable lamp with tetris shaped blocks

If you want a nice, simple click on-off lamp – this is probably not for you. This DIY lamp comes with seven different colored pieces that light up when they come into contact with each other. It requires a little more effort than your standard lamp and probably doesn’t even have enough light to keep a room lit on its own.

But then again, if you want a statement piece in your house that gets noticed by almost everyone that comes through, that gives you a nice, moody glow to the room, and that you can adjust and re-arrange whenever you start to get bored, this is the perfect item to grab!

2) A sachet of powder that changes the color of your fire

There’s nothing wrong with a simple bonfire with soothing orange flames. You probably don’t need color changing powder. A fire is a fire – right?

Sure – if you’re boring! Why settle for a standard fire when your bonfires can literally be ten times more lit with the color of the rainbow? These magical little sachets of powder can change the color of flames and make them dance in multicolor before your eyes like a nifty magic trick. A bonfire will never be the same again!

3) A splash sensitive bath mat that fakes blood stains

Pretty sure everyone needs a bath mat to keep from slipping in the bathroom. But do you really need one that treats your water splashes like blood stains? Not really. But will it majorly freak out any guest that goes in and thinks they’re bleeding onto the mat? Yes! These statement pieces are what make a house a home.

4) A watch that kind of tells the time, kind of doesn’t

At first glance, it may be a little hard to tell what time it is, considering that this watch has all of its numbers toppled somewhere at the bottom. But if you want a nice reminder that being on time is not your strongest suit or you want to gift your always-late friend a snarky present, this is perfect.

5) Enamel pins that say everything you wish you could but cant.

Make plain shirts pop with these fun enamel pins that can be cheeky and snarky at the same time. Say what you wish you could, make a statement, or just have some fun. You may not need these to be a part of your outfit, but your outfit (and your friends) will definitely appreciate it.

6) An animal onesie for days you don’t want to bother with more than one piece of clothing.

You will probably never go out in public wearing these which makes them a questionable fashion choice in themselves. But when it’s been a tiring day, you don’t want to bother with anything and just wish you could return to the simpler days of childhood, these fun animal onesies will be sure to brighten up your day!

7) A shower LED light to make everyday showers everyday parties.

A shower is a shower with or without an LED light but a shower is definitely a party when it has an LED light. It’s the little things in life that make it fun – like stepping into a shower and bathing in water that’s tinted your favorite color.

8) A toilet LED light to welcome natures call in the dark.

Now a shower LED light is one thing. But do you really want your toilet to be lit up when you’re going to do number two? Well – you may think this LED toilet light is useless but just think of how much easier it would be to use your bathroom at night when you’re too sleepy for a full on bulb. Just do your business in the glow of blue or red or purple lights and quietly return to bed without losing your sleep.

9) A phone cover that doubles as a manual tetris game

Let’s face it – you don’t need a phone cover with tetris built into it when your phone probably has a tetris game downloaded on to it. But then again – why waste your phone’s battery when you’re bored? Why not attract some interested comments from people who notice you’re using your phone backwards? Why not? We don’t know!

10) A Marlboro cigarette box shaped speaker to confuse everyone around you, including yourself.

If you smoke, this is going to be very confusing. If you don’t, it’s probably going to be even more confusing. But if you ever wanted to own unique products that actually have a functional purpose – this is your chance!

Bilal Uddin

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