Accessories Both Men & Women Should Hoard

Accessories Both Men & Women Should Hoard

Accessories are the minor bits that set you and your style apart and also up your dress up games. If you know how to accessorize yourself, you’ll obviously have your very own style statement.

Accessories are wide in category. They are not just restricted to jewellery but they also include scarves, watches, bags, sunglasses, belts etc. Moreover, accessories are not only meant to be for women but men also need to keep up with their dress up games.

All accessories do not neccessarily suit everyone because everyone has a different style and personality. So, pick accessories as per your style and look more attractive by styling them up!


From anklets to bracelets, earrings to rings and even necklaces, jewellery pieces never fail to add a little style to your look. Whether you’re casually dressing up or you’re getting ready for a formal party, jewellery will make a statement and you’ll be the real eye-catcher. You can also check the our minimal jewellery guide for more ideas.

Jewellery is not only meant to be for women but also for men.


Watches are the first accessory to be noticed and does not only make you look attractive but also add some harmony to your outfit. It is not only for checking time but also tell a lot about your personal style.


Looking for a combination to look cool and stylish and protect your eyes at the same time? Invest in a stylish pair of sunglasses and give a little spark to your look. If you want to know the kind of sunglasses that would suit your face cut, click here.


Scarves add a stylish look to your outfit be it eastern or western. You can style up a matching scarf in different manners and add a statement to your casual or formal attire. Men can add scarves to their look during winters.


Belts add a little finishing to your look. Specially for men when they’re dressed up formally, belts give a complete look. You can either use a simple one or a formal one. Women can easily pair up a belt on a dress, a coat or a mid length western shirt.


Handbag again is a status symbol and not only women but men are also recognized by the kind of bags or wallets they carry. Your entire personality makes a difference if your bag is shabby, dirty or very clean and well organized. You can check out a few great bag styles by clicking here.

Hope these accessories up your styling games and make you look more stylish and attractive!

Usman Ghani

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