All Fitness Watch Hacks That You Never Knew About!

All Fitness Watch Hacks That You Never Knew About!

If you’ve just purchased a smartwatch or a fitness watch to stay fit and track your activity, you need to stay consistent and make it a habit to ensure that you will continue wearing it. There are high chances of you abandoning the fitness watch because that’s how it usually is. The abandonment rate for fitness watches is usually 75% that too within the first three months. So, if you want to make it a habit, you need to be consistent for atleast 2 months. This will help you stick to the routine. However, making yourself consistent is a task in itself. We’ve talked about you few hacks that you never knew of.

Hack # 1

Fitness watches have apps that allow you to enter the hand you’re wearing it on but the best way to take complete advantage of it is by wearing the fitness watch or the smartwatch in the less dominant hand. Since these watches are a little expensive and you tend to lose track and become less consistent. The less dominant hand basically moves less so you won’t even damage your watch. Also, it helps you provide a better and more accurate sleep data.

Hack # 2

All you need to do is connect your fitness watch to your phone via Bluetooth. This way if you sit too much, you’ll get a notification and same happens if you sleep too much, walk too less and this way you’ll stay more active.

Hack # 3

If your fitness watch is not charged and you’re a lazy person, you’ll never charge your watch again. Trust us on this. So, in order to stay consistent, make sure your fitness watch is charged at all times and you do not have an excuse to not wear it. Whenever you go for a shower, just put your watch on charge. Simple!

Hack # 4

Tell your friends to do the same! Share your progress with then and this way you’ll find more challenged, get more inspired and work harder to meet goals. If you start competitions and challenges with friends, you’ll feel more motivated to use your watch and push yourself harder!

So, with all these hacks, are you all set to stay fit?

Usman Ghani

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