All the Ideas You Need on How to Spend This Eid at Home

All the Ideas You Need on How to Spend This Eid at Home

First things first – Eid Mubarak in advance!

This Eid is gonna be a lot different from all our previous Eids. But that doesn’t mean that Eid festivities must stop! Eid is all about gratitude, happiness and joy! So, don’t let the quarantine pull down your Eid spirit!

Staying home for Eid 2020 may not have been your first choice of spending Eid, but let’s make the most of it, shall we? Here are some ways you can spend a lovely Eid at home with the people you’re quarantined with!

Prepare a Magnificent Eid Breakfast

Since you can’t go out for Eid namaz, let’s make this Eid morning’s main highlight the breakfast! Gather around all the people in your house at the dining table for the best breakfast they’ve had so far! Prepare a variety of dishes ranging from English cuisine to traditional food. Serve tea/coffee or any beverage you think is best suited for your breakfast. You can use Daraz Life Recipes for some ideas for your menu! This Eid, thank God for the food on your table and the family with you.

Wear New Eid Outfits and Take Pictures

Eid in Quarantine doesn’t have to be an Eid with no style! It’s tradition to dress up and look on-point on Eid, so don’t let the tradition die. Dress up in your best outfits and take loads of pictures to share with everyone! It’d also be good if styled your Eid on a budget this year, and used the extra cash to pay zakat! Hope you’ve already ordered your Eid outfits online from Daraz!

Call for Eid Greetings

Every year, you send out group messages to wish Eid. This year, give the important people in your contact list a call. Wish them Eid and ask about their plans. Catch up on your lives with a personal touch this year, and you’ll thank us later for asking you to do this!

Send Eid Gifts

Even if you can’t visit your friends and family this Eid, you can still send gifts to them. Get in touch with any online gift venture and place your order with them. The lockdown has indeed proven that distance makes the heart grow fonder. So send heartwarming Eid gifts to your loved ones and let them know how much you care for them!

Organize an Eid Family Video Call

So what if you can’t have your khandaan get-together on this Eid? Eid is about getting everyone together, and you can still do that with a grand video conference! Decide a time with your family when everyone is to come online foe the khandaan Eid call. Tell everyone in advance that they’re to dress up for the video call – NO EXCUSES!

Arrange a Movie Night with Friends

Don’t forget your friends on this Eid. Get a vote on what time and day suits most people and get together for a Netflix Party! All the laughs and smiles shared during a movie night will mean just as much as getting together in person does! If you don’t already have it, then get your Netflix today!

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