All the Products Daraz Can Help Deliver to Your Doorstep Right Now

All the Products Daraz Can Help Deliver to Your Doorstep Right Now

Due to the quarantine situation in the country, we’re all stuck in our homes. It is in these days that we are truly realizing the blessing that the world outside our homes is. And not being able to go out of our homes has left us worried about the many errands that we have to go out for. Not to mention, a lot of us can’t think of any productive ways to kill our boredom either, which just adds to the worry!

Well, Daraz has some great solutions for many of your problems. To ensure a safe, convenient and fun self-isolation, Daraz brings to you a number of things! Here’s a list of all the things that you can order from Daraz these days:

Get Your ESSENTIALS from Daraz Mall

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You can get all your essentials like groceries, health and beauty, mother and baby, laundry and cleaning from Daraz Mall.

With dFresh and dMart, you can get your fruits and vegetables and other essential products (as mentioned above) like shampoos and soaps, milk and tea, baby milk formulae and diapers, and other items delivered to your doorstep.

Several brands like P&G and RB have joined hands with Daraz to bring to you exclusive bundle deals, allowing you to buy your essentials at the best possible rates.

Today, when staying home is most important, Daraz Delivery makes it easier for you to abide by this self-isolation with convenience by getting all your groceries and essentials delivered.

Make the Most of Digital Sahulat

Under Digital Sahulat, you get to enjoy a bunch of facilities that eliminate the hassle involved.

Streaming Service Subscriptions

You get a variety of options to kill your boredom these days. Daraz brings to you digital goods like online subscriptions. To watch shows and movies online, you can buy yourself a Netflix Subscription or a STARZPLAY subscription from Daraz.

Starzplay app launches in five countries

Gaming Cards

And if it’s gaming that you’re more interested in, then we also have gaming gift cards! If youre a Pubg enthusiast, then here’s a Pubg Mobile 770 Uc for you! Other options for gamers include a Steam Wallet Card, Xbox game pass, PlayStation Store gift card, Google play card, and more!

And if you’re missing school/college/uni a little too much, then we have ways to get you back in touch with your education as well. You can sign up for the Berlitz Cyber Teachers Course or the Nearpeer: Online MDCAT Course that are available on Daraz at discounted rates! Don’t let the quarantine come in between you and your fondness for education and get your courses now.

Health and Fitness Vouchers

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Take extra precaution and care of your health. Especially remember to look after the more aged people around you because they’re the ones who’re immuno-compromised. Daraz has partnered with Chughtai Lab to offer you various lab tests at discounted rates. Check out the health and fitness vouchers now!

Mobile Top Ups

Another sahoolat that Daraz’s Digital Sahoolat Offers is the facility to top up your mobile phone in seconds! The procedure is super simple and swift, not to mention the effort involved is NONEXISTENT! This is as convenient as it gets!

Make Digital Donation with Daraz

The current quarantine has left most daily wage workers and unprivileged unemployed, making it hard for them to get by. These needy people are unable to make their ends meet after losing their source of income, and are struggling to get through the day.

Daraz has partnered with several NGOs like Saylani, Shuakat Khanum Memorial Trust, Akhuwat Foundation, and several others to facilitate the privileged people give charity and donations for these needy families. With Daraz, you can donate digitally, without having to physically visit the NGO.

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There are three donation packages that you can choose to donate from:

  1. Ration Packages
  2. Health Facility Packages
  3. Zakat Packages

Each package has different options from the partner NGOs. You can select an option from any package and place your order online. Once the order is confirmed, you get an email confirmation. To ensure efficiency and reliability, all donations are being directly collected and distributed by the respective NGOs. This is the time for us to step up and give generously to help Pakistan get through this difficult time together, so let’s not hold back! Let’s donate digitally and help the needy while practicing caution in our homes!

Daraz is doing everything it can to help make this difficult time as convenient as possible for you. Practice isolation and maintain hygiene to stay safe and to keep others safe as well.

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Don’t forget to download your Daraz app for even greater convenience!

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