All You Need to Know About False Eye Lashes

All You Need to Know About False Eye Lashes

Makeup is mostly quite easy to do but usually the most difficult part about makeup is applying the false eye lashes. With some really pretty eye shadow and the perfect winged eyeliner, if by any chance you mess up your eye lash application, you can probably just ruin the entire look. But, the worst part for some is you cannot even skip false eye lashes because they actually make your eyes pop. Girls who wish to keep it lighter, prefer using individual eye lashes while those who go for a heavier look pick the full-on falsies. Apart from just making you look gorgeous, falsies also make you look fresh and awake.

However, the real struggle you have to go through before the glam is the lash application. This post is actually about different styles of Falsies and a few tips and tricks to get through the application process.

Picking the Right Falsies

Lashes are nothing but an extension of the eye shape which is completely in your hands and you can easily control. Smaller eyes require heavier lashes that have thicker ends because your goal should be to lift them up and make them look bigger. On the other hand, if you have wide eyes, make sure your falsies are thicker from the middle. And similarly, if your eyes are deep-set, then longer lash strips are the perfect for you.

Sizing Your Lashes

Sizing your lashes isn’t that tough. All you need to do is size them as per your eyes and trim them with a small pair of scissors. Long strips can be very hard to handle.

The Application

Application isn’t easy and nobody really gets it right the first time which is why we suggest that practice will make you perfect. A tiny drop of lash adhesive on the hand and with a cuticle tip, dab it on to your lash band. Wait till the glue gets a little tacky and then lay it on the outer edge of the eye and make sure it is super close to the lash line. Also, the angle of falsies should also be the same as your real ones. Once that’s done, just coat a little mascara to make them blend and look a little less fake. It’s similar with the individual lashes. All you need to do is apply one by one and start from the outer corner. Once you think it’s done, just stop and also, if you think any one of them is placed in the wrong angle, fix it right away. But, don’t forget to apply eyeliner to hide the glue or the band.

Removing and Cleaning

Removing them is pretty simple. The glue isn’t too sticky to cause you any problem however if you think you’ll ruin your lashes or lash band, simply use makeup remover or micellar water. As for the cleaning, all you need to do is take two cotton pads soaked in makeup remover, place your lashes in between them. Rub them very lightly to ensure all the mascara and glue is removed. Store them back in your lash kit or any plastick container to use them next time 😉

Get ready to flaunt ’em lashes!

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