All You Need to Know About Jade Rollers

All You Need to Know About Jade Rollers

Even though it is very difficult to keep up with all the new skin care tools and products, some pretty accessories are hard not to purchase. Jade Rollers are similar pretty bathroom, skin care accessories. Even though these aren’t new but they’ve been trending quite alot lately. Learn how this pretty beauty product helps the skin with some common skin problems leaving the skin fresh and glowing.

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What is a Jade Roller?

Jade Roller, the new beauty sensation, is a rolling pin or a paint roller for the face made with Jade gemstone which varies in color from pale green to deep turquoise. We think it’s a new tool for the skin but actually it is being used in China for ages now. The Jade stone has cooling, nonporous effect. The good part is it won’t even retain any bacteria. These Face rollers are found in other stones like Rose Quartz too but the OG jade roller has some really unique properties that work great for the skin and the stone is also known to be the stone of eternal youth. The stone gives a very calming effect to the skin and helps release tension as well. People even say that this stone is a good luck charm and brings prosperity and fortune to your life but removing those wrinkles would itself be a fortune, right?

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is another tool that comes along with Jade Roller and using both of them together are said to give great results on the skin. Gua means scrape and Sha means sand. This looks like a marble eraser and is known to improve the blood circulation of your face by scraping your skin. This too gives a very cooling effect and relaxes your skin to the fullest.

How to Use a Jade Roller and a Gua Sha?

Jade Roller might seem a very easy tool to use. Like, all you need to do is roll on your skin and massage, right? No. There is a way of using a Jade Roller in order to made sure you’re reaping its benefits too. You need to start from the middle of the face and take it down towards the neck to help boost the lymphatic flow. You need to roll up and out in a motion so as to draw fluids from your face. Make sure your pressure is gentle or you’ll rupture your pimples or acne if any. This will also help in de-puffing your skin. With massage on your lips and nose and under eyes, you can get rid of wrinkles that are a sign of aging. Wash your face, clean it, apply a toner or facial serum and start massaging. Let the toner soak into your skin and get the inner glow!

Gua Sha on the other hand helps in facial release massage and helps release the tightness of the skin. It helps break all the tension and fascia on the skin bringing relief to the face. You are supposed to do the scraping in upward direction for complete effects of drainage.

What are the benefits of a Jade Roller?

Usually, dermatologists think facial rollers are only good for puffiness as the help you decongest the fluid found in the lymphatic nodes. However, they are a great thing for the under eyes. Does not really promise the removal of dark circles but it does help in circulating the blood towards the eyes. As far as the wrinkles are concerned, jade rollers help you plump up your skin by stimulating the blood circulation and lessens the appearances of fine lines. Other than that, if you use a jade roller with a toner or serum on, it helps enhance penetration of ingredients into the skin.

Our final judgement is that a jade roller is nothing miraculous and it would not promise you anything or help you replace your skincare regimen but it will sure help you plump and boost your skin.

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