All You Need To Know About Your Baby’s First Smile!

All You Need To Know About Your Baby’s First Smile!

It’s been 6 weeks since your baby has been born. You feel like it was just yesterday when you held him/her in your arms and your baby giving you that look of love that will make you all warm inside. Other than that, he or she will attempt to talk to you and make all sort of gurgles and cooing sounds.

You can now really feel the term, “they grow up so fast” effecting you but you still must be curious and anxious about what to anticipate from your baby at this stage!

Here’s all the activities and changes you’ll see in your baby during the 6th week that we have listed down to help you record your baby’s milestones!

Your Baby at Six Weeks

More interactive!

You can feel your baby trying to be more interactive at this stage, did you catch a glimpse of that million dollar baby smile yet? At 6 weeks your baby develops the cognitive and motor skills. You can notice your baby having more expressions and trying to jump and wave his or her tiny little hands in the air.

This is the best time to introduce your baby to dangly hazard-free toys or keep him or her interacted by crib attachments and toys. As they’re beginning to be active, your baby will tend to sleep less than before so you have to prepare to be woken up at 6 in the morning!

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Demanding All Your Attention

Your baby wants attention! You can now notice how when you’re not around, the baby cries for you. It’s because this is a developing stage and your baby wants to have an interaction with the people around and wants to experience more!

You can keep your baby amused and interact with them by using bright colourful toys, taking them in a bright lively environment or you can even get them a baby swing so they can fall asleep when you have to go away.

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Bobbing Head To Music!

You must have noticed how your baby is more inclined to hearing to your voice more attentively. They’re exploring their senses at this age! They absolutely will love it when you introduce them to melodies and music toys. This way you can soothe them and keep them more entertained!

At 6 weeks old, your baby is gaining weight at a rate of about 1.5 to 2 pounds so you will want to pinch those cheeks all day! However, the increase in appetite will make the baby’s nature trips frequent so keep up with hygiene of your baby in check to prevent rashes.

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Health Check Ups

This is a crucial time for your baby’s health check ups. You start with the whole tiring and monotonous frequent doctor visits as your baby crosses one-month in this world. You need to get them vaccinated and be in contact with the pediatrician very often! With your baby aging you need to keep track of the physical activities and behavior, this will be the hints of their personality!

Let us know what cute milestones from our article has your little one achieved so far? Or you might also enjoy reading our suggestions for baby boy names in urdu

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