Amazing Finds: 16 things you didn’t know you needed

Amazing Finds: 16 things you didn’t know you needed

There are times the most non-essential of items can give us the most joy. This is one of those times. Daraz Amazing Finds is two things wrapped into one:

  1. Items you didn’t know you needed
  2. Items you didn’t know Daraz had to begin with

Many of these have surprised us here at Daraz Life editorial too. In our defense, Daraz boasts a quite large assortment. Here’s what our deep-dive into the lesser known nook and crannies of Daraz found. Buckle up.

Don’t need this Charlie Chaplin potato peeler = must have it  

Everyday I’m hoverin’

Of all inessential things a Star Wars fan could enjoy in their life, this might just top the list

Reading between the ajrak 

All this is missing is the cigarette (tumbako noshi is bad for you)

It’s the Year of the Dog. Or have you not heard? 

Ludo ho jai?

Maut se chutkara= impossible. Buying this mug = possible 

Make your wall look EXTRA. For less 

I don’t have the eyes of the tiger. Except. When I sleep.

The cat is out of the bag 

And he left his fluffing manners behind too :O 

 We have finger puppets. Now you know. 

Officially an elephant. Unofficially, whatever you want it to be.

While you’re waiting on the real thing…

If Doraemon can’t make drinking water sound like fun, no one can 

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