Ann’s Journey as a Working Mother in Daraz

Ann Pichestapong

Ann’s Journey as a Working Mother in Daraz

Welcome to Life at Daraz- Mother’s Day Special!

Today, we interviewed Ann Pichestapong. Ann is a dedicated working mother, located in our Singapore Office.

 What’s your current role at Daraz? Tell us a little about it.

 Hi everyone, I’m Ann, regional mega campaign lead. I’m responsible for planning, strategizing and coordinating mega campaigns in all ventures for Daraz. We have a small team but a very efficient one! We work with all stakeholders to ensure that mega campaign planning is on track and help them remove any blockers.

How long have you been working here? Can you tell us about your journey?

I started my career in consulting before moving to finding my own start-up in the e-commerce space. It’s a marketing software that does personalization based on each user’s interest (It’s called DataCue if you want to check it out!). Most of our customers are SMEs and they were hit really badly when COVID started, so I lost a number of customers. That’s when I had to look for another job. I returned to Singapore to join an e-commerce company 2 years ago before joining Daraz last year.

Why did you choose this department?

Because it’s the best department in Daraz in my humble opinion! 🙂 My previous role had a very well-defined scope and it got boring after a while. When I interviewed for this role, what I found really attractive was the fact that I get to have a bird’s eye view of how all the teams come together to plan and run a mega campaign. And because I understand the role of each team, I understand the dependencies as well as limitations, as the teams work together to plan a mega campaign.

We heard that you recently went on maternity leave. Tell us about your motherhood journey.

I was heavily pregnant when 11.11 and 12.12 happened, so it was a very stressful period. Luckily, Eddy, my boss, was very supportive and understanding throughout, so I was able to manage my workload and stress. It was a weird feeling to leave work, but I was really glad to have the opportunity to take some time off work to take care of my baby. Coming back to work is a bittersweet feeling, but it’s comforting to know that she’s in good hands while I’m away at work.

What has been your favorite part of the journey?

 It’s a difficult journey with sleepless nights. Fun fact, I haven’t slept uninterrupted for more than 4 months! But, it is very rewarding to see her grow every day. It is heart-warming as a parent to witness your child grow up.

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