Apoca-lips: How To Perfect The Two-Toned Lip

Apoca-lips: How To Perfect The Two-Toned Lip

Why wear one colour when you can wear two? The two-toned lip has been the latest and hottest trend to grace the beauty world and that means it’s an instant must-try for us!

This look involves using two different shades of lipsticks and keeping them completely separate from each other – which means not smacking your lips together, ladies!

Here’s your guide to achieve the look:

Lips: To achieve two-toned lips, use the Color Riche La Palette Matte to apply red on the upper lip and purple on the bottom lip.

Eyes: Use the Infallible Eye Paint Primer to smoothen the eye surface before applying the Infallible Eyeliner as an eye-shadow to add a pop. Perfect your eyes with the Baby Roll Mascara.

Face: To complete the look, use the Infallible Blush Paint Palette on the cheeks and cheekbones. 

Usman Ghani

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