April “Pink Moon” To Be The Largest Super Moon of 2020!

April “Pink Moon” To Be The Largest Super Moon of 2020!

Pakistan is set to witness the year’s largest super moon on the 8th April called Super Pink Moon. It will be the first brightest super moon to be visible all over this year.

Although, this moon is called the Pink Super Moon, in reality, the name has been given to represent April, the month of harvesting and spring’s first moon. It is named after the native North American wildflowers, Phlox subulata, known as “moss pink,” that similarly bloom in early springtime.

The “Super Pink Moon,” will be closest to the earth around 7:35 AM, approximately, the moon will be just 356,907 kilometers from the Earth in comparison with its average distance of 384,400 km. 

Super Moon is a phenomenon that happens when a full moon is at the perigee or nearest to Earth in its elliptical orbit. The next Super Moon will happen on 7th of May.

Usman Ghani

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