Are Fast Chargers a Threat to Your Phone Battery?

Are Fast Chargers a Threat to Your Phone Battery?

Fast Battery Charging technology was introduced a few years ago and no matter how enticing this may be, the real question is will it harm your phone battery?

Fast Charging is very convenient because it allows you to charge your battery sufficiently for a day within a couple of minutes. Incase, you’re planning to leave the house in a few minutes and realize your phone battery is dead, a fast charger will help you charge it to a good percentage by the time you leave. But, with all the benefits, it somehow does affect the phone’s battery too.

The technology of lithium battery is actually the reason why we fear about the danger of fast charging because lithium batteries are comparatively sensitive and also discharge current so fast charging may disable lithium batteries ahead of their time.

Does Fast Charging Actually Affect the Battery?

If we talk about facts, fast charging does not directly affect the battery life but it is actually the heat produced during fast charging that affects battery life. So, if you’re charging for too long and the heat becomes too much then the battery will slowly get damaged over time. Some smartphones have safety mechanisms too that protect the battery and some smartphone brands offer fast charger too like Samsung fast charger. This mechanism helps in reducing the voltage or current during the fast charging process when the upper limit of appreciable temperature hits. So, the heat isn’t too much to damage the battery. But, not every smartphone has that.

Sometimes, even with safety mechanisms, the battery does run hot which eventually affects the temperature. So, whether you have a phone that is packed with some safety mechanisms for fast charging or not, you have to be careful with the time you put your phone on charge in order to save the battery from getting damaged. Because, the better the battery, the better the longevity of the phone! 😉

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