Are These 7 Shaving Myths for Women True or False?

Are These 7 Shaving Myths for Women True or False?

Hair removal is a prime part of a woman’s grooming regime. No matter how much we hate the process and get tired of the hair growing back again and again, we’re still bound to do it all over because, come on, the smooth and soft skin feels amazing!

Shaving is one of those most popular method removing hair. It is convenient, painless and fast. You can literally while standing in front of the sink spot your arm being hairy and quickly grab the razor and make it smooth and hair free. It’s that easy!

However, there are some women who are reluctant and avoid shaving as their preferred choice of hair removal. This is primarily because there are many myths and figments around the usage of a razor. Many women believe that razors should only be used by men and many other ridiculous myths about shaving!

So, we did our and research and found out whether the myths are accurate or just a bunch of fabrication. You can find those out below!

1) “Hair grows thicker after shaving


This is the most common misconception about shaving. As shaving doesn’t remove hair from the roots and from the edge, it could feel as if it’s thicker when growing out but if you let the hair grow longer, you’ll notice the thickness is the same

2) “A dull razor is better for women’s skin


This is a huge mistake! Using a dull razor will not work effectively and you are more prone to cuts with a dull razor as it will require you to use more force. A sharper razor is much faster and will leave your skin smoother

3) “Shaving the same area more than once will result in skin irritation


This, finally, has facts behind it! Shaving the same area again and again rigorously will cause abrasions on your skin. Shaving harshly can also peel your skin along with shaving it.

4) “Soap and water are sufficient for shaving


Using JUST soap and water on your skin to remove hair will cause your skin to dry out. It is important to use a shaving gel or the best hack to is to use an oil such as olive oil or coconut oil mixed with water

5) Shaving causes ingrown hair


It’s not just with shaving. Ingrown hair occur when you remove the hair on your skin from the wrong direction. Ingrown hair can be painful as they turn into boils when infected. So make sure you clean the area you want to shave properly before hand

6) “You shouldn’t shave during winter”


Okay, I get it. You’re not gonna be showing any skin during the winters and you feel lazy taking showers and doing a whole beauty regime in the bathroom. However, some people believe that shaving during the winters causes skin to be dry, which can be true, but that’s only because of not properly moisturizing your skin after shaving

7) “You shouldn’t use razors on the face”


This the biggest myth about shaving out there! No, using a razor on your face is not gonna make your face look like Chewbecca. Shaving your face can actually be a really good way to exfoliate your skin and help in removing the dead skin cells. It will make your face smoother and will save you time and the pain. Just make sure you use a soft hand!

So, which of these myths did you previously believe in? Let us know if you’ve heard any more silly shaving myths in the comments!

Bilal Uddin

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