As Government Eases Lockdown and Permits Businesses to Begin Online Operations, Daraz Launches Hamqadam Program to Facilitate SMEs

As Government Eases Lockdown and Permits Businesses to Begin Online Operations, Daraz Launches Hamqadam Program to Facilitate SMEs

Relaxing the restrictions imposed on businesses and retail associations in the province,  the Sindh Government on April 24th announced that they will be permitted to operate online. However, the shift towards digital operations may present logistical and technical challenges for many brick-and-mortar establishments, who may also lack access to ecommerce knowledge. 

In order to help small-and-medium enterprises during this period of economic downturn and uncertainty, Daraz has launched the Hamqadam program with a subsidy of PKR 4.5 crores and is inviting businesses across the country to set up their shops on the platform with dedicated one-on-one support and access to free business consultation.

In order to facilitate the shift towards online operations, Daraz is offering businesses access to free-of-cost education and training on ecommerce operations through Daraz University. Daraz’ mission is to make it easy for anyone to do business in the digital era and the platform focuses on education to ensure sellers are able to optimise their digital venture. Recently, Daraz University partnered with KSBL to formulate a micro MBA program which can teach sellers the art of selling online. 

The new program is offering an expedited sign-up process, enabling businesses to start retailing on the platform as early as within two days. Furthermore, Daraz will not be charging these sellers any commission (0%) for the months of May and June. Sellers will have access to free analytics tools which will help them optimize their digital ventures and they will also be provided with marketing promotion which will increase the traffic to their Daraz shops. Furthermore, discounted packaging material will be made available to them.

“We are committed to contributing to the economy and supporting businesses and livelihoods through our platform during this time. As the largest ecommerce player, we have a responsibility toward our sellers and the country, and we will continue to provide our support through programs such as HamQadam. We are confident that by standing together, we can emerge stronger from these trying times,” said Ehsan Saya Managing Director Daraz Pakistan. 

Daraz is confident that the Hamqadam program will help thousands of SMEs get back on their feet by leveraging the increased e-commerce activity and reaching millions of Daraz customers across the country.

Daraz is encouraging all businesses that wish to transition online to reach out to the company in the following format: “Daraz” space “Name” to 7575.

Alternatively, they can register on the platform’s seller sign up page.

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