The Secret to Salon-Like Treatments at Home with L’Oreal Professional!

The Secret to Salon-Like Treatments at Home with L’Oreal Professional!

Do you ever look at celebrities and wonder how they manage to keep their hair looking runway ready all the time? It’s a no-brainer that salon and professional hair care treatments play an important role when it comes to giving tresses that oomph. But if you don’t have endless time and money to spend at salons and are tired of resorting to DIY masks from your fridge, we’ve got news for you! 

There are two secrets to getting picture perfects locks: 

  1. Choose products specifically for your hair type

So many times we’re using amazing products but they’re completely wrong for our hair type. Take a few minutes to really study your hair and understand what your hair type, curl pattern, and concerns are so you can choose the right treatments for yourself. No matter how great the product you’ve got is, if it’s not meant for your hair type, it’s not gonna do much! 

  1. Make sure you’re deep conditioning your hair 

Deep-conditioning is important when it comes to strengthening and improving the quality of your hair as it provides your hair with the vital nutrients that help prevent split-ends and breakage by giving your hair the right hydration it needs. 

So maybe put your yogurt-egg concoction aside and let the professionals handle this! Lucky for you, the L’Oreal Professional’s extensive haircare range offers a range of professional haircare products from their SerieExpert range to Mythic Oil that helps strengthen the hair right from the comfort of your home. You’ll be able to find something for every hair type and hair concern.

Here are our top picks of products that you NEED to stock up on if you’re craving cloud soft, easy to manage and style hair.

1)  Mythic Oil

Mythic Oil by L’Oréal Professional is ideal for all hair types especially for Desi women! Rich in the essential Vitamin E and Moroccan Argan Oil, this Mythic Oil has the perfect texture that is lightweight and non-greasy making it perfect for regular use. It not only nourishes your hair deeply by penetrating the scalp providing much-needed hydration but, it also minimizes frizz and protects against heat. With frequent use, you can visibly see the shine that is long-lasting so you can forget about the over-priced hair gloss treatments at salons!

2)  Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Masque 

If you’re someone who suffers with unmanageable hair and frizz that can’t be tamed and are thinking to resort to Keratin treatment or the famous Brazilian blow out but are skeptical about it, then this Liss Unlimited Masque is bound to be your holy-grail. Enriched with Pro-Keratin and Kukai and Evening Primrose Oils, this masque replenishes your hair and protects your hair fibers against frizz within minutes.

3)  Serie Expert Absolut Repair Lipidium Masque

The Absolut Repair Lipidium masque is perfect for those who are guilty of “frying” their hair with frequent hair dyeing and heat treatments. This masque, when used with the Absolut shampoo and serum, completely changes your hair by reducing damage upto 77%! The infusion of Gold Quinoa and Protein visibly makes your hair shinier and restores its original form, so you can stay stylish with your new hair with confidence!

4)  Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum 

Hair fall and hair thinning is one of the biggest concerns of many young adults. With pollution levels at an all-time-high and increasing stress levels, hair fall is unavoidable especially when you don’t have leisure time to invest in hair care treatments. Which is why L’Oreal Serioxyl Serum is your savior. The Serum is made by experts with state-of-the-art technology and formula that contains Stemoxydine that boosts dormant hair follicles to promote new hair growth and Intra-Cylane that helps thickening the hair fiber.

5)  Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Shine Perfecting Blow Dry Hair Oil

Living in Pakistan means you get a lot of humid weather almost all year round. And we all know humidity and hair aren’t much of friends! If you’re tired of your hair becoming flat or frizzy as soon as your step of your house no matter how you style them, the Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Shine Perfecting Blow Dry Hair Oil is your solution. This Oil contains smooth agents that control frizz and makes your hair more manageable thanks to the Evening Primrose formula. It is a must-have for the wedding seasons when you need excessive styling!  

7)  Serie Expert Pro Longer Mask

Are you relentlessly looking for ways to cure the split-ends without having to go for those infamous “split-end haircuts” that cost a lot of bucks just for a straight trimming every time? Then the Series Expert Pro Longer Mask is just what you need for your damaged hair. This hair masque has an anti-breakage formula that leaves your hair looking healthy and with Vitamin B6- Biotin, you can see your hair feeling softer and stronger.

Want to build a proper hair-care regime and are looking for more haircare range by L’Oreal? L’Oreal Professional official online store is available on DarazMall where you can find bundle deals and discounts.  Get all their SeriesExpert range that comes with shampoo, mask, and serum/oils. So, what are you waiting for, get that luxurious hair-spa at home and feel the difference! 

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