Augmented Reality – How will it Change the World?

Augmented Reality – How will it Change the World?

After Virtual Reality took over the world by storm, it led to many people ask themselves, ‘what will Science think of next?’ & well, it’s Augmented Reality. While Virtual Reality is a complete immersive experience that takes users into the virtual world, Augmented reality helps bring digital elements to the live reality. Thought VR made it big, it’s expected that AR (augmented reality) will make it even bigger, to the point that it will contribute to changing the world.  But how? Let’s find out.


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Augmented reality will help create an immersive environment that will involve both physical and digital presence. This will allow you, your friends and family to enjoy video games, television shows and live sports in a more interactive manner. Concepts like ‘Location based’ games will allow users to get more “out-door” time, a positive impression for parents who see their kids glued to the screen all the time.


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As science and technology progresses, they have a direct impact on the medical sector (for the better). Augmented reality in medicine will help doctors and patients alike. From better scanning of veins, valves, organs and innards to helping the legally/partially blind perform their everyday tasks. Machinery equipped with AR systems will redefine modern medicine.

Real Estate

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Imagine having the technology that will map out your potential house, before its even constructed. This will make it easier for people to have a 3D walkthrough experience of the house. Or a system that will let you know the details of a potential house for sale like the price (rental or listing), the number of bedrooms, bathrooms. That would make things a lot easier.


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In retail, we have already seen some corporations play around with AR technology. IKEA has incorporated AR in its application to let customers project the furniture scaled according to your room, with complete attention to details like fabric quality and shadow rendering. Even kiosks integrated with AR technology increases the brand’s recall and recognition rate. All thanks to the augmented experience.


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For a sports fanatic, the game means everything. And Augmented Reality helps bring the game to the fan and revamp it in a new way. AR will allow you to watch your favorite sport with holographic players, turning your living room into a stadium.


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Incorporating AR in travel sector will help tourists learn more about the city they plan to visit. This will be possible through augmented tours & recommendations of where to go next. Applications like Google Expeditions help teachers take their students to around/outside the planet, without leaving their class rooms.

We have all seen some traces of Augmented Reality in our everyday lives. It is expected that Augmented Reality will be the next big step in technological advancement. There is a huge market out there and different industries sure can use some help from this game-changing technology.

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