Australia Bush-Fires: Victoria Again Declares the Situation to be a ‘Dangerous and Dynamic’ State of Disaster

Australia Bush-Fires: Victoria Again Declares the Situation to be a ‘Dangerous and Dynamic’ State of Disaster

Australia has been battling the wort case of bushfire since September 2019, but the south-eastern state of Victoria is now entering what can be thought to be the worst fire months.

The blazes has already destroyed 1.2 million hectares in Victoria and also claimed three live. The national figure of people who’ve lost their lives to these fires is 26 thus far.

But, the danger is predicted to be worst on Friday because of expected hor and volatile weather.

State Premier Daniel Andrews said,

“I know we have not seen this much fire activity this early in the season. But I also make the point: I don’t think we’ve seen as coordinated, as effective a response to that unprecedented fire activity as we have seen in these last few weeks.”

The fire situation, that has onset so much earlier than ever before, can also be considered a warning for South Australia and South Whales, where the fire is predicted to proceed.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, 2019 has been a record year as Australia’s hottest and driest.

The Situation in Victoria

Due to the worsening situation, authorities have pushed people to leave the Alpine and Eastern regions of Victoria, including East Gippsland that’s been fire-ravaged, following Friday.

According to weather forecast, the temperature is expected to go up to 41 degrees Celsius, with strong and dangerous winds and dry lightening – storms with no rain. The officials believe that the weather can exacerbate the fires or ignite new ones. Another fear is about two large fires merging to create an even bigger mega blaze!

Premier Andrews, saying it’s been difficult making entirely correct predictions because of the extent of landscape destruction and intensity of it.

The Situation in Other Places

Vivonne Bay is a small town on Kangaroo Island in South Australia where the authorities called for evacuations due to worsening fire situation.

Last week, two people and around 25,000 koalas died when the flames burnt Kangaroo Island. This island was known for its unique mix of animal species.

Then came the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park under the fire’s affect, breaking containment lines and closing in. The park has taken ver 600 animals in its care, including many injured pandas after last week’s bushfire catastrophe on the island.

Local Australian media also says that some local staff of the park is still not evacuating, despite several warnings, in hopes that they might be able to help save the animals.

Officials said nearly 1900 homes in NSW have been destroyed by the bushfires this season, with 300 more in other states. NSW is also facing increasing danger on Friday.

Prime Minister Scott Morrrison has been criticized for this response to the situation, but this week he has declared A$2bn for recovery fund, in addition to other previous commitments. And amid the warnings, state governments has also joined in the recovery effort and committed money to the cause.

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