Back 2 School: A Journey in GIFs

Back 2 School: A Journey in GIFs

School is opening in two weeks. 2 weeks? At first, you’re skeptical.

2) Then you sleepy.

2) Then you’re confronted with sobering reminders that you are, indeed, heading back! GIFs like these do little in the way of consolation. You ask yourself: why does it have to sparkle like that? Why? Are those snowflakes?


3) Oh so now they’re little dancing dudes? That’s not creepy at all.


4) You’re done with commercials but not with the summer! Not yet.

5)    So you make a plan with friends to compensate for this recent realization. And the first thing they bring up? School. 

6) You start sorting through your mixed bag of feelings. Are you going to make the most of remaining holiday time? Or are you going to commit to a hardcore sleep schedule? The feels are strong with this one.

7)  You spend the rest of your vacation trying to negotiate between sleep-ins and chill-outs. Summer vacation is winding down. School is, in fact, re-opening. You are now just a mere week away. If superheroes have those cool, fancy hi-tech screens in their gear, yours is starting to look like this right about now:

8) The days drag on. Sometimes, they feel too long. Other times? Not long enough. Deep baat kur di.

9) OK! ‘Enough!’, you tell yourself. It might take some time getting used to going back, but you’ll make it! You’ve done this a dozen times before and you’re a back-to-school pro by now! Plus, there is a laundry list of things you look forward to doing better this term. For real! There’s a voice inside your head telling you all of these smart, wise things. It could be the voice of your inner Tyra Banks.

10)   Maybe not.

11)  It is time.

12) You’re still not sure about this whole thing. But you gotta do what you gotta do!

13) You’re ready. Well- as ready as you can be.

14) The first day takes some warming up on your end. You understand that there will be an adjustment period before you can find your rhythm again. But should I let you in on a little secret?

15) Now that you’re over the initial anti-climax of holidays ending, you start thinking you might have been missing aspects of this scheduled life. School and college structure your day, after all. They give you a sense of routine and regimentation. With that, they make hanging out with friends all the more valuable! When you have to manage your time, you end up making the MOST of your weekends. Funny how that works right?

16) Now you’re thinking, damn Daraz, you smart! You got this whole school thing sorted.

17) Baat mein dum hain bhaiyeee!

18) It occurs to you know that going back to school just might give you a chance to start fresh; turn a new page; get #AFreshStart; begin on a blank slate. Sometimes, you gotta go back to go forward. How’s that for a one-liner?

19) Just to be clear: we did not just quote Yoda. Much as we love and admire his Yodaness. Yoda ko humara ajizana salaam! 

20) So people of all ages- school-goers, college students, this is your chance to set targets and meet them. Just because you’re going back, does not mean you can’t look ahead to the future. Make yourself promises. And keep them. Heed Michelle’s words!

21) And seek comfort in the fact that Daraz has got your BACK!

22) Sit back, relax and let us sort this school thing out for you. It really is that simple. 

Get your head start here! Do it! 😀 See you in class! And remember, school is not the end of the world. Though it might very well be the dawn of a new one. 

Usman Ghani

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