Bakray You’ll Meet this Eid

Bakray You’ll Meet this Eid

The festivities of Eid-ul Adha not only brings family and friends together but also gives us a chance to meet the stars under the spotlight, the Bakras. Let’s take a look at the most unusual ones we are sure to see around our neighborhood this Bakra Eid.

The Stalker

Stalker Alert
Source: Askideas

There is nothing more creepier than a Bakra stalking you. This falcon-eyed, four-legged furball can sneak around you and pop up surprisingly, when you least expect it.

Depressed Soul

Source: Dawn Images 

Believe it or not, you may develop some feeling for this Bakra. He will, by all means, make sure you listen to his long-life heartbroken story all night long, and you ought to because it’s Bakra Eid.

All Souped Up

Source: Dawn Images

This Bakra is certainly saucin, and knows which Raybans are in season this Eid. He will be your guide if you want to know what’s trending, but we don’t think he’s going to share any of his secrets.

The Cutie

Source: Shutterstock

Puss in Boots ain’t got nothing on this cutie. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t avoid surrendering to those big doe-eyes, and succumbing to their demands (sometimes tiny goats like to think about world domination).

The Rock-Star

Source: The Express Tribune

 It’s none other than your Goat-Next-Door, all glammed up like Lady Gaga. From head ornaments to plastic beads and Mehndi-dyed hair style, you wouldn’t want to mess with this goat (horned or not).


Source: Daily Mail

He’s rowdier than you would’ve thought, and he doesn’t let anyone hold on to him when out on a walk. He thinks he owns the streets and will not hesitate on head-butting anyone who even looks at him funny.

No matter where you get your Bakra from, after spending a few days with them, we soon realize they happen to have their own individuality. At times they may have high demands, but regardless of all their Drama, we love our bakras to the moon and back.

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