Bargaining – What We Pakistani’s Do Best

Bargaining – What We Pakistani’s Do Best

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You know you’re a true Pakistani if you’ve bought something from a street vendor for half its price. And while it might seem like an easy deal, there is definitely a lot of heavy haggling involved. Nevertheless, we don’t give up that easily either. If the first attempt fails, we know exactly which weapon to unleash next.

Here are 7 proven ways of haggling in Pakistan which surprisingly work all the time.

Dropping the truth bomb like

It’s your second time buying which means you’re a loyal customer so they owe you a discount

When all else fails, throw in the magic word… works all the time.

Trying to be fair.

Sometimes we get a little too unreasonable ourselves. Mil gaya tou jackpot nahi mila tou phir kabhi 

Buying more than 1 piece counts as bulk shopping

 Pointing out silly faults till they finally give up


No matter how far we go with bargaining, this is the only thing that sets us apart from the rest of the world. No one does it like we do. If we want something, there’s nothing that keeps us from getting it.

And guess what? We know how much you love discounts and it goes without saying. This year, for the love of Pakistan, Daraz introduces yet another massive sale in celebration of the Republic Day. With the Pakistan Day sale, you can expect to score the best bargains one can imagine. From electronics to fashion and home & living products, you can save up to 70% on your desired items.

Mark your calendars for 20th March and prepare your wish lists. Kyunke, #JoChahayPakistan, wo paye Pakistan!

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