Ben Affleck Will Return as Batman on HBO Max

Ben Affleck Will Return as Batman on HBO Max

It’s been released that Ben Affleck will be making a return as Batman on HBO Max. The speculations about his return had started in May and now there have been claims made about Affleck signing a contract with HBO Max. He’ll also be making additional appearances in HBO Max and Zack Snyder Justice League movies.

Taylor Myrphy of the The Culture Nerd said that, “Ben has indeed signed a new contract and he is coming back. The official announcement is expected to happen either at DC FanDome or during JusticeCon. One of the two, we’re going to get that announcement but it’s going to happen before September. We’re going to get the official announcement and we are going to get the Snyderverse Batman is going to be returning.”

He also shot down all notions about Michael Keaton replacing Affleck, as well as Robert Pattinson taking the hood, and that what is being created is a multiverse.

They are bringing everybody back. “This is planned… This is a design because of Zack. This is a plan that they’re moving forward with. I mean, I keep saying it is a great time to be a DC fan.”

Murphy also said that Ben also agreed to return as Batman on the streaming service because he didn’t want to take away from Robert Pattinson’s Batman in the Matt Reeves movie.

“I think a lot of people misconstrued why he left in the first place. A lot of people will say, ‘Oh, Ben left because he almost killed himself in the role…’ They take it further than it really was. Essentially, Ben took the role because of Zack. Zack convinced him, he sold him on the pitch, he loved the idea, and he built that loyalty to Zack. When Zack left, Ben still stayed behind. He said, ‘I can make this work. I’ll do this. I’m still producing this. I’m going to make it happen.’ But ‘it’ started happening to him, too. Ben started losing his control then – what he wanted to do with the role, he started losing it, and then he lost his interest in it. Eventually, his own health concerns came up and he realized if he kept going down this path, he wouldn’t get what he wanted, he wouldn’t get to do the role he signed up for, and it was just compromise after compromise,” Murphy concluded.

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