10 Best CCTV Available in Pakistan with Prices

10 Best CCTV Available in Pakistan with Prices

Securing your surroundings is crucial, and in Pakistan, CCTV cameras are essential for this purpose. As technology advances, the market is teeming with options. This blog includes the 10 best CCTV cameras, striking the right balance between functionality and the crucial factor of CCTV camera price in Pakistan.

List of best CCTV cameras with Prices

1.Hikvision CCTV Cam DS-2CE16D0T-EXIPFRs 3599
2.Dahua 2MP CCTV Security Camera DH-HAC-B1A21PRs 3550
3.TP Link Tapo C200 2MP PTZ Indoor Smart CCTV CameraRs 7000
4.Tenda CP3 V2.0 Security Pan/Tilt CCTV CameraRs 7099
5.Eufy Security 2K Indoor CCTV Cam Pan & TiltRs 23000
6.Motorola Smart WiFi IP CCTV Security CameraRs 8500
7.D-Link AHD CCTV Camera DCS-F2715-L1MRs 6800
8.Hikvision CCTV Camera DS-2CE76D0T-EXIPFRs 3599
9.IMOU IPC-A42N-B Security CCTV CameraRs 12850
10.Xiaomi Smart CCTV Camera C300Rs 13999

1. Hikvision 2MP CCTV Cam DS-2CE16D0T-EXIPF

Introducing the Hikvision 2MP CCTV Camera, a powerful surveillance solution designed for maximum security. With 1080p resolution at 30 fps, HD/SD switchable output, and Starlight Technology for low-light sensitivity, this camera ensures clear footage in any environment.

Smart IR provides up to 20m of infrared distance, and its IP67 rating makes it durable in extreme conditions. Ideal for Pakistan’s security needs, check out our competitive CCTV camera prices for top-tier protection. One of the best CCTV price in Pakistan.

2. Dahua 2MP CCTV Security Camera DH-HAC-B1A21P

Introducing the Dahua 2MP CCTV Security Camera DH-HAC-B1A21P – your reliable guardian for enhanced security. Boasting 2MP clarity, a waterproof design, and a 3.6mm fixed lens, this camera ensures top-notch surveillance.

With an impressive IR range of 20m, it excels in low-light conditions, delivering clear footage day or night. The flexibility of HD and SD output switchable options, coupled with a smooth 30fps at 1080p, guarantees optimal performance. Explore competitive CCTV camera prices in Pakistan for a premium solution that fits your budget.

3. TP Link Tapo C200 2MP PTZ Indoor Smart CCTV Camera

Introducing the TP-Link Tapo C200 2MP PTZ Indoor Smart Camera, delivering crystal-clear 1080p HD video and advanced night vision up to 30 ft. Stay alert with motion detection, sound, and light alarms for added security. Communicate in real-time using two-way audio.

Plus, enjoy safe storage with MicroSD support (up to 128 GB). Explore competitive CCTV camera prices in Pakistan for smart home security on a budget.

4. Tenda CP3 V2.0 Security Pan/Tilt CCTV Camera

Introducing the Tenda CP3 V2.0 Security Pan/Tilt Camera – your ultimate home surveillance solution. With 360° visual coverage and 1080p resolution, this camera ensures high-performance monitoring for homes, shops, offices, and classrooms.

Enjoy full-duplex two-way audio, smart motion detection/tracking, and sound and light alarm functions for enhanced security. Explore competitive CCTV camera prices in Pakistan to elevate your surveillance game with the Tenda CP3.

5. Eufy Security 2K Indoor CCTV Cam Pan & Tilt

Meet the Eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt—a smart surveillance solution with on-device AI for relevant recordings. Enjoy crystal-clear 2K clarity (1080P with HomeKit) to see every detail inside your home. Seamlessly integrate with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa for complete control.

The camera’s automatic tracking follows motion, panning 360° horizontally and tilting 96° vertically. Elevate your security with Eufy—explore competitive CCTV camera prices in Pakistan for a smarter choice.

6. Motorola Smart WiFi IP CCTV Security Camera

Meet the Motorola Smart WiFi IP CCTV Security Camera—a portable powerhouse with 2.4 GHz FHSS for local viewing and WiFi connectivity for remote access. Enjoy remote pan, tilt, and zoom, two-way communication, and infrared night vision. One of the Best CCTV price in Pakistan.

Capture smart features like temperature, humidity, noise monitoring, and baby care applications. Ensure peace of mind with motion detection alerts and local recording on a microSD card. Explore competitive CCTV camera prices in Pakistan for a reliable and feature-rich surveillance solution.

7. D-Link AHD CCTV Camera DCS-F2715-L1M

Meet the D-Link AHD Camera DCS-F2715-L1M—a Full HD powerhouse for indoor and outdoor surveillance. With 5MP@20fps resolution, versatile output options, and durable metal housing, this camera ensures reliable performance.

Experience enhanced image quality with 3.6mm Fixed Lens and 3D DWDR support. Elevate your security with D-Link—explore competitive CCTV camera prices in Pakistan for a robust solution.

8. Hikvision CCTV Camera DS-2CE76D0T-EXIPF

Meet the Hikvision DS-2CE76D0T-EXIPF, a high-performance 2MP Indoor EXIR Fixed Turret Camera. Capture sharp 1080p resolution at 25fps/30fps with its advanced CMOS sensor. Enjoy versatile coverage with 2.8mm and 3.6mm fixed lenses and flexible angle adjustments.

This CCTV camera supports switchable TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS output, ensuring compatibility with various systems. Operating in extreme conditions from -40°C to 60°C, it’s robust and durable. Weighing just 195g with a sleek plastic design, it consumes a maximum of 3.3W. Explore competitive CCTV camera prices in Pakistan for top-tier security.

9. IMOU IPC-A42N-B Security CCTV Camera

Meet the IMOU IPC-A42N-B Security CCTV Camera—your advanced surveillance ally. With precise human detection, 4MP clarity, and 360° coverage, it ensures comprehensive security. Features include a built-in siren, smart tracking, and privacy mode for adaptability. Stay alert with abnormal sound alarms, enjoy night vision, and engage in two-way talk.

Elevate your security with the IMOU IPC-A42N-B—explore competitive CCTV camera prices in Pakistan for a cutting-edge solution that prioritizes your safety.

10. Xiaomi Smart CCTV Camera C300

Introducing the Xiaomi Smart CCTV Camera C300—a cutting-edge surveillance solution. Experience 2K clarity and 360° vision for comprehensive monitoring. With AI human detection, F1.4 large aperture, and a 6P lens, this camera delivers precise and detailed visuals.

Enhanced color night vision in low light ensures reliable security around the clock. Elevate your surveillance with the Xiaomi Smart CCTV Camera C300—combining advanced features and a sleek design in white. Explore competitive CCTV camera prices in Pakistan for a smart and reliable security solution. One of the best CCTV price in Pakistan.

Factors to Consider when Buying a CCTV Camera

Below are the factors to consider when buying a CCTV camera:

  1. Resolution: Opt for a CCTV camera with higher resolution (e.g., 1080p, 2K, or 4K) for clearer and more detailed footage.
  2. Field of View: Consider the camera’s field of view to ensure it covers the desired area effectively. Look for adjustable lenses or pan-and-tilt capabilities for flexibility.
  3. Low-Light Performance: Choose a camera with good low-light performance, featuring infrared night vision or low lux ratings, for reliable surveillance in various lighting conditions.

Where to Buy CCTV camera in Pakistan

CCTV cameras are readily available for purchase in Pakistan through various channels. Popular online marketplaces like Daraz and OLX offer a wide range of options from different sellers. Additionally, official brand websites often provide a direct platform for purchasing genuine products with customer support. Local retailers specializing in security solutions, such as Security Experts, are another reliable source for CCTV cameras.


1. How do I choose a CCTV for my home?

To choose a CCTV camera for your home, consider the purpose of surveillance, desired coverage, and resolution (1080p, 2K, or 4K). Look for features like good low-light performance, motion detection, and two-way audio. Opt for remote viewing capabilities and select a reliable brand within your budget. Additionally, think about storage options such as local (SD card) or cloud storage. Research and read reviews for a well-rounded decision.

2. Does CCTV use a lot of electricity?

The power consumption of CCTV cameras typically ranges from 4 to 15 watts, while the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) connected to the cameras can consume between 10 and 40 watts. Overall, the electricity usage of CCTV systems is relatively moderate. However, the exact consumption can vary based on factors such as the number of cameras, their resolution, and whether they are actively recording.

3. Does home CCTV need WIFI?

No, home CCTV systems do not necessarily need Wi-Fi for basic operation. CCTV cameras can function independently of the internet, and some models can even operate without a continuous power source. An internet connection becomes necessary only when you want to access the camera footage remotely. While connecting CCTV cameras to the internet offers additional benefits, such as real-time remote monitoring and alerts, it is not a mandatory requirement for the fundamental functioning of the surveillance system.


In the pursuit of effective security solutions, these 10 CCTV cameras offer a spectrum of options for diverse needs in Pakistan. Carefully considering both features and the vital aspect of CCTV camera price in Pakistan, these choices empower you to make a sound decision.

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