Unique Holiday Destinations for the Year 2020 That Aren’t Overrated

Unique Holiday Destinations for the Year 2020 That Aren’t Overrated

Even though there are a number of different destinations you can pick from for your holidays during 2020 but here are some of the best destinations we’ve chosen for you. We bet you’ll love them all!


One of the best holiday destinations in the world is Pakistan thanks to the beautiful sights that we get to see there. There are Karakoram stretches and the vast delta of Indus River and then there’s so much to do like trekking, mountaineering white water rafting, mountain and desert jeep safaris, wild boar hunting, camel and yak safaris, trout fishing, birds watching and so much more for nature lovers. So, even if you’re a Pakistani, do pay a visit up North and discover all the beauty!


Armenia has recently gained popularity for tourism and is known to be one of the most affordable destinations in the world. It has some beautiful parliament buildings and is also called Europe’s best kept secret. Yes, it’s that beautiful.


Plymouth is known to be Britain’s Ocean City and has some breath taking views with a lot to see and explore. There’ll be a whole lot of fresh, sea air, waterfront to explore, lots of shopping that you can do and attend a number of different events in Plymouth.

Egadi Islands

The Egadi Island has been an great synthesis of history and nature with terrestrial and underwater archaeological finds. The island is beautiful and can be the perfect spot of holidays.


Kyrgyzstan is a place that’s known for its natural beauty. It has some amazing unspoilt mountainscapes, ridges, jailoos and some shepherds. The travel is visa free so that’s a plus and is the perfect choice for most travellers in Asia.

El Salvador

This destination is rich in both geography and culture. Located in the middle of Central America region, El Salvador has national parks, beautiful beaches and a number of other attractions and is known to be one of the safest countries to visit in Central America.


The capital of france, the city where the famous Eiffel Tower lies, Paris is the second most visited city in Europe after London. It has streets, buildings, squares and gardens that make you want to visit Paris.

So, what’s your next holiday destination?

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