Best J. Makeup Products That Are As Good As High-End

Are you looking for premium quality makeup products that are not a dent in your pockets? We have got you the best J. makeup products in Pakistan that are as good as high-end that too in the most reasonable price!

Buying the right quality makeup is worth every penny. Not only are you saving your skin from the damage, but you are also saving up the added cost of buying cosmetics over and over again. J. Makeup in Pakistan has the finest makeup range that settles well on your skin and makes it look fresh as ever! Here are 7 best J. Makeup Products In Pakistan that are a must-buy:

  1. J. Luminous Silk Compact Powder
  2. J. Full Coverage Liquid Concealer
  3. J. Ultra Volume Mascara
  4. J. Skin Perfecting Primer
  5. J. Mineral Foundation
  6. J. Smokey Eye Pencil
  7. J. Baked Highlighter

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7 Best J. Makeup Products – Review

J. Luminous Silk Compact Powder

J. makeup products

J. Luminous Silk Compact Powder is definitely your go-to product if you are looking for a matte finish. It feels light on your skin and goes well with your foundation as well. After putting it on, you won;t have to worry about your skin getting greasy after a while. The Lumious Silk Compact Powder starts from Rs. 1,290 and you can buy it online as well.

J. Full Coverage Liquid Concealer

J. makeup products

Be it dark spots, blemishes or dark lines, J. Full Coverage Liquid Concealer adds a flawless touch to your skin with its moisturising liquid formula that makes your skin look natural looking and effortlessly smooth. It starts from Rs. 890 which is available online as well.

J. Ultra Volume Mascara

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Want luscious looking eyelashes that make your eyes look bigger and enhanced? J. Ultra Volume Mascara, has a light weighted and well-shaped brush along with sweet almond oil and vitamin E formula that keeps your eye protected and acts like an antioxidant. It starts from from Rs. 1,190.

J. Skin Perfecting Primer

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When applied over a clean skin, J. Skin Perfceting Primer is light-weighted which reduces the open pores and lays down a smooth foundation for the makeup on your skin. It is a must-buy for a makeup enthusiast who wants to have a fresh and hydrated skin under the makeup. The primer starts from Rs. 2090.

J. Mineral Foundations

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J. Mineral Foundation has a shimmery and dewy texture that adds life to your skin and makes it look bright. It comes in a wide range of skin tones for different complexions and is great for a light and natural looking finish. The J. Mineral Foundation starts at Rs. 2090.

J. Smokey Eye Pencil

Want to make a statement with bold eyes? Note Cosmetics has J. Smokey Eye Pencil that works in two ways with pencil on one side and smudging applicator on the other. Its 24 hour staying formula makes it long-lasting and durable. The J. Smokey Eye Pencil starts at Rs. 990.

J. Baked Highlighter

J. makeup products

A shimmery highlighter that shapes your jaws, chin, nose and T-line is all you need to finish up your look. Junaid Jamshed Makeup brings in J. Baked Highlighter that has a soft texture and gives a radiant touch to your skin, making it glow from far away. The price of J. Baked Highlighter starts at Rs. 1,490.

People Also Ask

Which makeup brand is the best in Pakistan?

Junaid Jamshed Makeup is the best makeup brand in Pakistan that is produced locally.

Is J. makeup halal?

J. with Note Cosmetics has a range of J. makeup products that are halal and authentic.

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