10 Best Laptop Bags Available in Pakistan with Prices – 2023

10 Best Laptop Bags Available in Pakistan with Prices – 2023

Discover the top 10 best laptop bags available in Pakistan for 2023. This curated list considers style, functionality, and affordability to meet your diverse needs.

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Criteria for Selecting Laptop Bags in Pakistan
List of 10 Best Laptop Bags Available in Pakistan with Prices
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Where to buy laptop bags in Pakistan

Criteria For Selecting Laptop Bags in Pakistan

  1. Size Compatibility:

Ensure the laptop bag is suitable for your laptop’s size, providing a snug fit to prevent unnecessary movement and potential damage.

  1. Protection and Padding:

Look for a bag with sufficient padding and protective features to shield your laptop from bumps, scratches, and other potential hazards.

  1. Functionality and Organization:

Consider the bag’s organization features, including compartments and pockets. Choose a design that meets your storage needs for accessories, documents, and personal items.

List of Best Laptop Bags Available in Pakistan with Prices

S#Best Laptop BagsPrice
1.Lenovo 15.6″ Laptop Casual Toploader T210 (Grey)Rs 2250
2.HP basic B0T87PA Laptop Carrying CaseRs 3300
3.Lenovo 15.6″ Inch Laptop Backpack B210 (Black)Rs 1973
4.Dell Pro Briefcase 14Rs 3400
5.Dell Essential Backpack 15.6 ES1520PRs 1900
6.Belkin 15.6 inches Laptop Bag Core Messenger F8N112qeKSGRs 3795
7.Shan Laptop Bag 1018 For 15.6 Display LaptopRs 1699
8.Bossda 15.6″ Laptop Bag N48817Rs 2099
9.UGreen 20448 Laptop Bag 13″- 13.9″Rs 4999
10.Targus TBS93405GL Urban Sleeve 13-14”Rs 5599

1. Lenovo 15.6″ Laptop Casual Toploader T210 (Grey)


  • Casual and stylish design with high-quality, durable, and water-repellent fabric.
  • Large storage capacity, accommodating laptops up to 15.6 inches.
  • Conveniently placed compartments and pockets, along with an integrated luggage strap for enhanced travel convenience.

2. HP basic B0T87PA Laptop Carrying Case


  • The HP Basic B0T87PA carrying case provides a fine and stylish finish, ideal for laptops with a screen size of up to 16 inches.
  • It functions as a fully equipped workstation, featuring convenient pockets for accessories, pens, and business cards, promoting efficient organization.

3. Lenovo 15.6″ Inch Laptop Backpack B210 (Black)


  • The Lenovo 15.6″ Laptop Casual Backpack B210 features water-repellent snow yarn polyester, providing long-lasting protection for your laptop and personal items.
  • The backpack includes a large laptop compartment designed to fit laptops up to 15.6 inches, ensuring secure and padded storage for your device.
  • Conveniently placed storage options, such as separate pockets for mobile devices and business cards, along with a spacious main compartment for magazines and laptop accessories, enhance organizational efficiency.

4. Dell Pro Briefcase 14


  • The Dell notebook carrying case, in sleek black with an HD screen print logo, is designed with dimensions of 14.6 in x 4.4 in x 11 in and weighs 1.57 lbs. It offers a compact and protective solution, fitting most laptops with screen sizes up to 14.0″ (Max laptop dimension: 13.39” x 9.45” x 0.79”).
  • With features such as water resistance, foam padding, padded handles, and a padded shoulder strap, the case ensures the safety of your laptop. The trolley strap, top carry handle, and carrying strap provide convenient and versatile carrying options for ease of transport.

5. Dell Essential Backpack 15.6 ES1520P


  • The Dell Essential Backpack 15.6 ES1520P stands out in low-light conditions with reflective prints, enhancing visibility for safety in busy areas.
  • Lightweight and spacious, it offers dedicated pockets for essentials, including a laptop, phone, water bottle, and umbrella. The water-resistant design with concealed zippers adds protection, while the padded top handle and shoulder straps ensure comfort on the go.

6. Belkin 15.6 inches Laptop Bag Core Messenger F8N112qeKSG


  • The Belkin Core Messenger F8N112qeKSG is designed for 15.6-inch laptops, providing a versatile and secure carrying solution for your device.
  • This laptop bag combines functionality with style, offering a sleek and practical messenger design that ensures your laptop is well-protected while on the move.

7. Shan Laptop Bag 1018 For 15.6 Display Laptop


  • The slim, compact laptop case features separate, protective pockets, ensuring efficient organization and providing a sleek solution for carrying your essentials.
  • The zippered front pocket is designed to securely store your smartphone, offering both protection and easy accessibility while on the go.
  • Constructed with shockproof, waterproof breathable 210D Nylon, the case provides a soft and flexible feel for comfort. The inclusion of a shoulder strap enhances convenience for carrying, making it a reliable choice for up to 15.6-inch laptops.

8. Bossda 15.6″ Laptop Bag N48817


  • The slim, compact case features separate protective pockets for efficient organization.
  • The front pocket neatly stores bulky power cords at the bottom, keeping them out of the way.
  • The zippered front pocket ensures the secure yet easily accessible storage of your smartphone.
  • Waterproof, breathable, and crafted from soft and flexible leather, providing a comfortable feel.

9. UGreen 20448 Laptop Bag 13″- 13.9″


  • Solid three-layered structure for high protection against moisture and scratches, ensuring durability.
  • Thin and soft shock-absorbing foam in the central layer with a soft lining inside to prevent scratching.
  • Convenient interior arrangement with multiple pockets for small items like keys, phones, chargers, earbuds, pen drives, memory cards, wallets, and more.
  • Comfortable grip with two handles that fit the palm perfectly, offering versatile carrying options.

10. Targus TBS93405GL Urban Sleeve 13-14”


  • The 13-14” Urban Sleeve offers a slim and stylish design to keep your laptop protected. The lined interior cradles your device, shielding it from scuffs and scratches.
  • Crafted with lightweight material, the sleeve is designed to resist the elements, providing durable protection for your laptop while remaining easy and attractive to carry on its own.
  • Tailored to work with 13″ to 14″ laptops, the Urban Sleeve from the collection is not only functional but also adds a touch of style with its olive color and sleeve design.

Where to buy laptop bags in Pakistan

Laptop bags are readily available for purchase in Pakistan through various online platforms such as Daraz, Shophive, Mega.pk, Computer Zone, and Bagstore.pk. Additionally, you can explore local and retail stores that specialize in electronics and accessories to find a range of options suited to your preferences.


1. How do I buy a good laptop bag?

To buy a good laptop bag, ensure it fits your laptop size, has ample padding for protection, is made from durable and water-resistant materials, offers sufficient compartments, has comfortable and adjustable straps, aligns with your style, is from a reputable brand, comes with a good warranty, and fits your budget.

2. Are laptop bags useful?

Yes, laptop bags are highly useful. They provide essential protection for your laptop, safeguarding it from scratches, bumps, and environmental factors. Additionally, laptop bags often come with compartments to organize accessories, documents, and personal items, making them convenient for everyday use and travel. They contribute to the longevity and safety of your laptop while offering practicality and ease of transport.


Elevate your laptop-carrying experience with these top-notch bags. From sleek designs to practical features, this collection ensures a perfect blend of fashion and function for your tech gear.

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