Your Ultimate Daraz Buying Guide to Buying Smart Watches in Pakistan

Your Ultimate Daraz Buying Guide to Buying Smart Watches in Pakistan

Smart watches in Pakistan are the most underestimated gadgets out there. Most people are skeptical when it comes to purchasing a smartwatch but once you own a smartwatch, it’s almost difficult to be without it.

A smartwatch has many benefits when used correctly. If you’re clumsy and dislike holding a phone in your hands because of which you end up missing calls and notifications, then smartwatches will prove to be your holy grail.

The biggest benefit a smartwatch offers is that it can work as your fitness tracker where ever you go with options such as heartbeat sensor, calorie tracker, step counter and so much more!


If you’re confused about what kind of smartwatches are available and don’t know what brand offers which variety? Then we’ve have the solution for you

We have listed down below all the best smartwatches in Pakistan that are available on Daraz, just so you can shop with ease and confidence!

Click on the images to know more about prices and buying options!

Apple Watches

Apple watches have been a trend in the market lately. Their robust designs, smooth performance and top-of-the-line features make it a must have.


Fitbit Watches

Fitbit is specialized entirely to track your activities. It helps keep your fitness and health in check. It easily monitors your heart-rate, the steps you take, your quality of sleep, exercise, food intake, weight – you name it!


Samsung Watches

Samsung is no doubt a pioneer in developing top-of-the-line gadgets. It is no surprise that Samsung smartwatches in Pakistan offer top features such as GPS tracking, fitness sensors, music, etc. It offers various apps and you can sync your phone with to be on the go and receive notification and calls!


Huawei Watches

Huawei has impressed the masses with their smartphones and now they’re taking over the smart watch category. You can find high quality features with smart AI to keep your fitness in check. You get elegant designs and many variants when it comes to Huawei smart watches.


Motorola Watches

Motorola smartwatches are a flagship Android based smartwatches that offer a traditional bulky design and a smooth performance for everyday use.


XIAOMI Watches

Xiaomi Mi has been on top of their game recently when it comes to the manufacturing of technological gadgets. Moreover, Xiaomi Smartwatches, especially their Mi Bands have been an impressive bargain when it comes to comparison with other top-tier Smartwatches



The InWatch Z Android smartwatch has been called a mini smartphone watch. With its crisp LED display and various features, it’s a remarkable buy when you’re on a budget and want a full Android powered Smartwatch feel!


Mobvoi Tickwatch

Mobvoi Information Technology Company Limited is a technological company that hails from Beijing, China. Mobvoi’s smartwatches are powered by their TicWear OS by Google operating system. TicWatch is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Garmin Watches

Garmin watched are perfectly suited for athletes. They offer a beautiful design and high quality features. In some top quality watches you can have full color maps, easy navigation, music and payment options and other features that will optimize your workouts.


Zeblaze Watches

Zeblaze was founded in 2014 and has proven to be efficient in its performance as a manufacturer of healthcare and sports gadgets. This brand makes smartwatches for all budgets.


SKMEI Watches

SKMEI is another Chinese Smartwatch brand that are reasonable and offer unaltered quality. It offers many variants from simple sensor digital watch to Android and Apple iOS supported smartwatches.


Rookee S928 Sports Watch

The S 928 GPS Sports Watch is a rather simplistic smart that doesn’t offer much apps but it is just enough to be efficient. It has a built-in gyroscope, heart-rate sensor and accelerometer so keep your fitness in track. So if you’re looking for a budget watch with sensors, this is a good choice.


KingWear Watches

Kingwear specializes in creating Smartwatches with classy designs and friendly usuage. You can get high-end 3g smartwatches to fitness watches or all in one!


Now that you know about all the best smart watches in Pakistan, you are all set to buy the best pick of your choice!

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