7 Best Wireless Earbuds in Pakistan That AREN’T Apple!

7 Best Wireless Earbuds in Pakistan That AREN’T Apple!

Looking for the best wireless earbuds in Pakistan? Here’s a list of best wireless earbud brands in Pakistan with pictures and prices!

Gone are the days when you needed to wrestle with long headphone cables while using your handsfree. Now you can enjoy music and connectivity with wireless ear pods.

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Best Wireless Earbuds Alternatives to Apple

We’ve put together a list of our top choices for the best wireless earbuds in Pakistan that deliver good quality music at a fraction of the price of the original Apple Airpods. Check out our list below!

1) Xiaomi Haylou GT6 True Wireless Earbuds

wireless earphones in Pakistan

The Haylou GT6’s strength lies in the good battery life of 5.5 hours and great music quality. However, if you’re someone who struggles with finding earbuds that fit their ears properly, this might not be for you because the quality of sound is lost when the earphones aren’t fixed properly.

Xiaomi Haylou GT6 Wireless Buds Battery Life: 5.5 hours – 15 hours
Xiaomi Haylou GT6 Wireless Buds Price: Rs. 3,799
Other features: Automatic pairing, 10 meter transmission, Bluetooth 5.2, 12mm dynamic sound quality

2) Xiaomi Redmi Airdots Pro

Mi earpods
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The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots are some of the most popular Airpod dupes in the market. These airdots come with a 6 hour battery life and a 22 hour charger case. The earbuds are noise cancelling, lightweight, and affordable making them perfect for someone who just wants to enjoy music wirelessly without really investing lots of money.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots Pro Battery Life: 6 hours
Xiaomi Redmi Airdots Pro Price: Rs. 1,895
Other features: Fast charging support, voice prompts, mute function, battery display, Bluetooth 5.2

3) Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung earpods
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One of our top pics for the best wireless earbuds in Pakistan are the Samsung Galaxy Buds pro. These nifty earbuds come in three modern colors and deliver some of the best sound quality in the market. The earbuds are meant to fit your ear comfortably and help you tune out with active noise cancellation so you can tune in to your music. Additional features like fast charging, voice control, and crystal clear mic make it some of the highest performing wireless earbuds we’ve seen!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Battery Life: 5 hours
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Price: Rs. 3,450
Other features: Water and sweat resistant, active noise cancellation, 3 built in mics, powerful 2 way speaker, wireless charging

4) Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung wireless earpods in Pakistan
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With similar shapes, battery life and specs – the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are just as popular choice as the Pro version although slightly lower on the price tag. If you’re looking for something from Samsung that is more within your price range, this may be it!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Battery Life: 6-7 hours
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Price: Rs. 2,950
Other features: Fast charging support, voice assistant, AKG tuned 12mm speaker, active noise cancellation

5) Audionic Signature S-35 Earbuds

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Audionic has long since been a respected name when it comes to music playback and now with their Signature S-35 earbuds, you can enjoy the same amazing sound quality Audionic is known for but with a more lightweight design and touch controls.

Audionic SIGNATURE S-35 Battery Life: 5 hours
Audionic SIGNATURE S-35 Price: Rs.4,500
Other Features: Noise isolating, noise cancellation, built in microphone, battery indicator

6) Audionic Airbuds

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The Audionic AIRBUDS are more of an Apple Airpod dupe when it comes to design but their sound quality is still up to par with other high quality wireless earbuds.

Audionic Airbud Battery Life: 6 hours
Audionic Airbud Price: Rs. 4,500
Other features: Fast charging, high bass sound, durable quality

7) TWS i12 Wireless Earbuds

TWS dupe for apple airpods
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The Airpod look alike TWS i12 wireless earphones in Pakistan are a popular choice not just because they resemble the original airpods closely but also because they offer good quality music at an affordable price. The i12 ear buds don’t have a very long run time compared to some other airpod dupes we’ve shared, but the good thing is that it only takes about an hour or so to recharge them when they’re in the case so you can still enjoy wireless connectivity all day long!

TWS i12 Wireless Earbuds Battery Life: 2-3 hours
TWS i12 Wireless Earbuds Price: Rs. 1,299
Other features: Bluetooth 5.0, noise cancelling, voice support

Which brand is best for earbuds?

The best brand for eabuds in Pakistan are:

  • Xiaomi
  • Samsung
  • Remdi
  • Audionic
  • TWS

Which of these wireless earbuds in Pakistan is your favorite pick?

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