Bring the ethnicity home

Bring the ethnicity home

Nothing screams Pakistani louder than our very own ethnic desi furniture. No matter how comfy your bed may be, nothing beats sleeping under the open sky on a windy night on a charpayee! The perfect pair or vibrantly embroidered Pakistani design cushions could completely change the look of your boring couch or sofa set. Who doesn’t love a cozy corner decorated with your favourite two peeris and who would say no to a beautifully worked sheesha decoration piece? We know we wouldn’t, so why not get your hands on some of these must have ethnic and desi style furniture and decoration pieces.


Ethnic Glitter Mirror Work Beaded Jewelry Decorative Box



Ethnic Design Cushions – Multicolor


 Chata-patti Iron Stool

Blue & Green(Fixed Cot) – Charpayee

Ethnic Mirror Work Side Table – Multicolor



Dark Brown Sheesham Wood Cut Side Table




Traditional Camel Wall Hanging – Multicolour




Sheesham Wood Stool – Brown




Usman Ghani

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