Careem Has Increased Their Fares

Careem Has Increased Their Fares

For the past few months, Careem has been increasing ride fares and has also reduced discounts on their packages. This is mostly because of the increasing fuel prices but other than that, Careem has given no explanation for this.

After the budget announcement last year, Careem did not only increase the prices of ride packages but also reduced the discounts by up to Rs.30 per ride.

Right after that came the second price revision in October last year when the online ride hailing services increased their prices. However, the prices did not change but the discounts were decreased. The previous packages had a lot more to offer.

Once again, Careem hasn’t changed the prices for the packages but the discounts have been decreased. The company has increased the number of rides but with less discounts on the same amount.

For example, instead of 10 rides, users will get 12 rides for Rs. 649, but the discount margin on each ride will reduce from Rs. 100 to Rs. 85.

For Rs. 999, Careem now offers 22 rides instead of 20 but you’ll only save Rs.75 on each trip instead of Rs.90. If you avail more rides than this, the discount margin will further reduce.

With extra trips each month, users can surely make use of their ride package. But, in addition to that, the user has to pay Rs.20 extra for each rider which means extra spending no matter what. On the contrary, the overall discount for each package hasn’t reduced as such.

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