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Make this Eid about dressing up beautifully at home and clicking those amazing Eid selfies! After all, what is Eid if not about putting on your best clothes and taking lots of pictures!

We’ve picked out some gorgeous accessories that we think would look great with all your Eid outfits! Just thrown on some (or all!) of these items and your these accessories will make your look ‘popunlike ever before!

Here’s what we have for you:

Silver Clutch Bag

Silk Avenue Silver Clutch Bag for Women With Diamante Decorative Strips

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This classic clutch bag from Silk Avenue is perfect for a low-key Eid look. This bag is the ultimate mix of style and luxury, making it a great pick for this year’s at-home Eid look!

Owl-Design Wallet with Tassel

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If you want to look chic and cute this Eid, then this faux leather wallet with owl design is for you! It’s absolutely gorgeous and will go very well with both casual and semi-casual outfits!

Stylish Wedged-Heels

Stylish Wedge For Women

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Wedges are always classy. They’re the perfect mix of casual and semi-formal look – something that would be just right for your Eid this year. Besides these slightly high platform heels will give you the Eid vibe that you think only comes with high heels!

Jeweled-Black Flats

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Here’s a more casual slipper option for you. The jeweled strap, however, gives a fancy touch to the otherwise simple and elegant black flats

Two Leaf Necklace

Two Leaves Pendant Necklace (2 Colors) • JusGift

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Embellish your neck with this most elegant two-leaf necklace! This piece of accessory is delicate and so classy that it’ll make your Eid selfies turn out gorgeous!

ECG Heart Necklace

ECG Pendant Necklace For Women - New Arrivals

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This ECG heart necklace speaks volumes with it’s simple, yet elegant design. The neck jewelry is delicate-looking and will look amazing with all your casual outfits!

Pearl Drop Earrings

Big Simulated Pearl Drop Earrings for Women - Female Fashion Jewelry

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Pearl is everything that a woman desires! And these pearl drop earrings will be perfect to pair with just about any outfit you want! From casual to formal ones, this pair of pearl earrings will go with them all!

Golden Leaf Stud Earrings

Golden Leaf Stud Earrings for Women - Female Fashion Jewelry

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And if you’d much rather go for simpler earrings, then this pair of golden stud earrings should be best for you. It’s delicate, it’s unique, and it’s plain beautiful!

Afghani Matha Patti

Halima Sultan Matha Patti for Womens & Girls

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We all recognize this classy piece of matha patti from the very beloved Halime Sultan! Pair this traditional matha patti with your eid outfit this Eid, and feel regal like the Halime Sultan of Ertugrul!

Modern-Piece Matha Patti

Kaytlins Pearls Embedded Head Jewellery Matha Patti For Women -  New Arrivals

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Looking for a subtle, fashionable, and modern matha patti? Well this one is just perfect for that! This delicate piece of modern matha patti is absolutely beautiful for that subtle Eid look!

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