Daraz Bazaar – Pakistan’s Retail Market in One Place

Daraz Bazaar – Pakistan’s Retail Market in One Place

Ever dream of getting all your utmost favorite marketplaces on your doorstep? Well, this is true Daraz has recently launched Daraz Bazaar on Daraz App and Daraz website, where you can find all the famous marketplaces of your choice.

What is Daraz Bazaar?

Get everything at discounted prices with a vast range of products. Simply click on Daraz Bazaar on the mobile App. You can avail this amazing opportunity for Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad for now.

How to access Daraz Baazar?

Go to your app and click Daraz Bazaar at the bottom left corner of the page.

In case you are using the website for Daraz Bazaar then click on the banner image or Shop now.

What are the offerings from Daraz Bazaar?

All the famous markets have been categorized city-wise, have a look at the most awaited campaign!


For Karachi, we have famous markets for jewelry, utensils, home, living, books, fashion, beauty, and cutlery. We have onboarded Gul Plaza, Zainab market, Haidery, Tariq road, Urdu Bazaar, glass tower, and Bohra Pir.


For Lahore, we have Anarkali, Model Bazaar Township, Abid market, and Shah Alim market. These marketplaces are famous for their own beauty and resplendency. You can find the best apparel brands, jewelry, shoes, bags, and clutches.


For Islamabad, we have their most famous marketplaces Raja Bazaar and Jinnah Supermarket where you can get all your favorite products in an inexpensive range and in bulk quantity. You can also get a dupe version of different famous brands for less price.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to Add to cart and buy now! Avail these amazing offers at less price and at your doorstep only on Daraz.


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