Daraz Fights the Rising Lahore Smog with Smog Kits for DEX Heroes

Daraz Fights the Rising Lahore Smog with Smog Kits for DEX Heroes

Daraz has proven itself to be a socially responsible corporation time and again. And now with the rising smog situation all around Pakistan, Lahore in particular, Daraz has once again stepped up to show that it cares for the community.

Before we dive into what initiative Daraz has taken, let us first talk about the concept of smog:

What is smog?

Smog forms when atmospheric pollutants, such as the coal-burning waste, react with the sun’s heat. Simply put, smog is caused by air pollution.

What’s the difference between smog and fog?

Although they may appear same, smog and fog are formed very differently. Smog is a form of air pollution whereas fog is accumulation of floating water droplets in air.

What is the effect of smog?

Smog is a form of air pollution that consists ozone, including harmful substances like sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. If inhaled, the smog can be damaging for your lungs.

What is photochemical smog and its effects?

A type of smog, photochemical smog is particularly smog that forms when UV light from the sun reacts with nitrogen oxides in the air. Photochemical smog can be seen as a brownish haze and is most obvious in populated warm cities, during morning and afternoon.

In addition to its harmful effects on the environment, photochemical smog can irritate eyes and nasal passages. Prolonged exposure can aggravate breathing problems and some of the toxins in the smog can even be cancerous.

What’s Daraz Doing For the Smog Situation in Lahore?

The current air quality in Lahore stands at an average 335 and may rise up to 763- this is equivalent to 40 cigarette smokes in a single day. Realizing the worsening smog situation in the city and its detrimental effects on human and environmental health, Daraz has decided to partner with AugmentCare to protect its delivery agents.

With this partnership, Daraz will provide smog protection kits to the Daraz community- especially DEX heroes who work outdoors. The idea behind the campaign is to serve the people and show that Daraz does indeed understand its community and its problems.

This initiative will help position Daraz as a company that cares.

In the event, Daraz will distribute around 400 essential care kits to the DEX Riders followed by a session on preventive solutions to stay safe from the rising smog.

With this CSR activity, Daraz hopes to build on its reputation that it cares for its field workers, and the community in general. Thus, the company means well and hopes to do well with initiatives such as these.

Daraz hopes to make a difference in the community by showing concern and initiatives that demonstrate its mindfulness of the community’s wellness. And smog kits are just a small part of the many initiatives that the company plans to take in order to show that Daraz Cares.

Bilal Uddin

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