Daraz Ibtida – Platform for Women Entrepreneurs In Pakistan

Daraz Ibtida – Platform for Women Entrepreneurs In Pakistan

Welcome to Daraz Ibtida. A Women Entrepreneurship Initiative Providing Platform for Female Entrepreneurs in Pakistan which is aimed at Economic Empowerment of Women and Strengthening Support for Female Microentrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Did you know that in Pakistan, only one percent of entrepreneurs are women? With such a drastically low number in one of the most business-oriented countries in the world, Daraz recognizes the dire need to encourage women in Pakistan to pursue their business goals without any limitations.

Daraz Ibtida Form: https://forms.gle/snj4j6eL5jVNXz7v7

So, for this women’s day, Daraz aims to empower her and celebrate the impact women can have in our society and challenge the status quo by eliminating this gender gap by encouraging more females to take a step forward and helping them in becoming entrepreneurs and successful sellers with the Daraz Ibtida initiative.

What is Daraz Ibtida?

Daraz Ibtida is an initiative to empower women in Pakistan to build a stable means of income for themselves through Daraz by enabling them to register their online business with ease while availing great perks and incentives.

With the increase of digital reliance all over the world, Pakistan is increasingly paving its way to create more opportunities through e-commerce. Daraz being Pakistan’s biggest e-commerce giant aims to utilize its platform the right way by granting equal opportunities for all!

Daraz Ibidita is all about offering incentives to female sellers in Pakistan to help them in their business ideas by boosting their reach and expanding their customer base.

What are the Incentives Offered to Women through Daraz Ibtida?

With the Ibtida program, Daraz offers the following perks and incentives to all female entrepreneurs in Pakistan

  • 0% Commision for 90 days
  • Free Packaging for 90 days
  • Free access to online selling and e-commerce courses from Daraz University
  • Free access to marketing insights and business performance tool from Daraz Seller Marketplace
  • Free Storage of products for orders Fulfilled by Daraz at the Daraz warehouse.

How to Register for Daraz Ibtida Program

If you’re wondering how to become a seller on Daraz or how sellers register then you can fill the form mentioned below and Daraz will reach out to you!

Daraz Ibtida Form: https://forms.gle/snj4j6eL5jVNXz7v7

Daraz aims to promote gender inclusivity in Pakistan through the Daraz Ibtida Initiative to empower Pakistani women sellers to not stay behind and make an impact by meeting their business goals. So, if you’re a women entrepreneur and know a woman who wants to expand her business, then register for the Daraz Ibitida initiative now.

Check out these amazing Women Sellers on Daraz and see how they’re making the most of Daraz

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