Shop Lite with Daraz Lite App – A Lighter & Faster Version of Daraz App!

Don’t know what Daraz Lite App is? Check out this blog for complete details on Daraz Lite App and its benefits!

Is your internet too slow for heavy apps? Weel, Daraz has come up with the perfect solution to solve this problem!

Daraz launches an alternative Daraz app – Daraz Lite! With Daraz Lite, you get to experience a similar online shopping experience as all the other Daraz customers, only easier!
Just like the main Daraz app, Daraz Lite app brings you access to millions of products from all kinds of categories. Whether you’re looking to get a new smartphone or some groceries, whether you want a new outfit or a some home electronics – Daraz app brings you everything you need wherever you are!

What is Daraz Lite app?

Daraz Lite is a lighter and faster version of your main Daraz app. It gives you a similar experience without taking as much space, phone battery or internet speed as the main app does.

Where to download Daraz Lite app from?

To download Daraz Lite app, visit:

Why should I download Daraz Lite app?

Benefits of Daraz Lite App

  • Works faster as it’s a simpler version of Daraz app
  • Saves space (it’s only 15MB)
  • Saves data as it works on 2g or 3g networks too
  • Saves battery without compromising app performance
  • Simpler interface with lighter UI elements
  • Loads quickly and works efficiently

What’s the difference between Daraz Lite app and main Daraz app?

Features & CompatibilityDaraz Lite AppDaraz App
Search Bar yes yes
Categories yes yes
Collections no yes
App size 15 MB 50 MB
Connectivity2G / 3G / 4G LTE WiFi / 5G/ 4G
Device Memory 2GB & below 3GB & above

So, if you have a phone with 2GB RAM or below, then Daraz Lite is meant for you. Not only will it work smoothly, but you’ll also save data on the go as Daraz Lite also works on slow networks. With your Daraz Lite app, you also get to enjoy exclusive discounts and deals, along with new user voucher, exclusive launches, shake shake, coins, bank discounts, and all the other features available on main Daraz app. And what’s most exciting is that the all-new Daraz Live feature available only on Daraz App is also available on Daraz Lite!

So, download your Daraz app now and get the best online shopping experience!

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